Can Acupuncture Help My Dog?

Nowadays, there are a variety of alternative treatments for our pets because of the innovations and medical advancements around the world. Holistic treatments are growing in popularity and one of these special treatments is acupuncture for dogs. So, you may…
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how to repel ticks naturally

Natural Tick Repellents for Dogs

  There are many products on the market that repel ticks but before you jump right in and make that purchase, consider the product’s ingredients.  Unfortunately, many products that exist on the market today are quite dangerous to our dogs….
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What Treats Should I Give My Dog?

Treats. Cookies. Biscuits. Scooby Snacks.  Every day, all across the world, pet parents are rewarding their canine companions with some sort of treat or another.  However, we advise all pet parents to exercise caution in doing so!  It’s imperative that…
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Dogs and cataracts

Do your dog’s eyes appear cloudy? Unfortunately, he may have cataracts. Dogs and cataracts are not simply a condition of old age. Did you know that dogs of any age can develop cataracts?  It’s true; some puppies are even born…
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Dogs and Cancer

Dogs and Cancer Cancer is the most feared illness and rightly so.  Just the mere mention of the word cancer brings about much fear and anxiety.  Just like people, dogs can suffer from cancer too.  In fact, cancer is the…
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