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Will I Have the Same Pet Sitter or Dog Walker Each Time?

same pet sitter or dog walker each time

Sometimes people wonder if they will get the same pet sitter or dog walker each time they go out of town, or the same dog walker every time they need their dog walked.

At PAWSitive Strides, we strive to keep all of our sitters working as a team. This means that every sitter is trained and familiar with the policies and procedures of our company. Every sitter is able to do the job with the same level of care and attention to detail.

Why We Use More than One Sitter

Imagine if your boss said to you that, from now on, you have to work 7 days per week. Not only that, you have to work morning, noon, and night, and that sometimes you will have to spend the night at work as well. How would you feel about doing that job? Would it be something you would look forward to doing? In addition, as you went on working without much of a break, what would happen to the quality of your work?

Even though we work with pets, the same reasoning applies to pet sitters and dog walkers. They need consistent days off and they need to be able to spend time with friends and family each day. They need time to do all of the things you like to do when you are off from work.

For our pet sitters to have days off, we must use more than one pet sitter per client.

Thus, even though it is not the standard of the industry, we have our sitters enjoy consistent days off each week. We also work our sitters in two shifts so that they have part of their time each working day to eat with their families, run errands, or just unwind.

We have seen that this keeps the quality and level of service high since sitters have the appropriate time needed to rest and recharge.

Why Our Clients Love that We Work as a Team

This is something that our clients have come to love because they know they will receive the same level of care no matter which sitter or walker takes care of their pet.

In addition, our clients rest easy knowing they can count on us when they need care for their pet. They are not depending on just one person, but they have a team of highly qualified and dedicated sitters at their service. They are not left in a bind if there is an emergency with a sitter, if someone gets sick, or must take a vacation. There is always someone else to take care of the pet.

One of our clients, Marysa Sobral, in Windermere, had the following to say about our team of sitters: “All of the sitters we’ve used from Pawsitive Strides have been wonderful! Our kitties are very well taken care of and our house is in perfect order when we return home.”

Another client, Kris Dhanani, in Orlando, said, “Your service is a Godsend for us! We know that our dogs are in good hands when we are away. We would never leave them before we found you. No improvements needed! All of your sitters have been awesome!”

Interested in getting our team of sitters to work for you? Contact us today!

Crate Training Your Puppy

What is crate training and why can it be useful to have your dog crate trained? This article will discuss what it is, when it is appropriate, and how to go about crate training your dog in such a way that he enjoys being in his crate for small periods of time.

Why It Is Important to Crate Train Your Puppy

Crate training is very helpful especially in the initial stages when potty training your puppy. However, crate training is not something to be done in order to have your dog spend long periods of time in his crate without breaks and without human interaction. The crate is not his permanent home, just a tool that can be used to further other portions of your dog’s training.

The most important reason to crate train your dog is that it will help with potty training. Dogs do not enjoy soiling in their dens. So, while in their crates, dogs will be less likely to have an accident. This can speed up the potty training process.

In addition, your dog should be comfortable being in a crate so that you can easily transport him in a crate, if needed.

Tools and Materials Needed to Crate Train Your Dog

A crate – it should be just large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in

Food or treats

How to Crate Train Your Dog

A lot of the process of crate training involves how you make the crate seem to your pup. You should never use the crate as a place for punishment. This will make your puppy have negative associations with his crate and you do not want that.

First, allow your dog to get to know the crate without any pressure. Leave the crate in an area where you and your pup can be together. Keep the crate door open and pup your dog’s bed of favorite blanket in the crate. Allow your dog to explore the crate, going in and out of it freely. Do not rush to shut the door. Your goal in this step is to have your dog feel safe and comfortable in and around the crate.

You can add some treats or food to the crate to entice him to go in and explore if he is a little fearful. If your dog is not interested in food or treats, try tossing his favorite toy in the crate.

It is very important that you do not rush this step! The crate must be a place where your dog feels comfortable, so take your time and allow him to explore it on his own terms. Never force your dog into the crate.

Once your dog is comfortable with the crate and shows no signs of fear, you can begin feeding him in the crate. This will allow him to experience something pleasant in the crate, thus making it a safe space for him.

While your dog is eating in his crate, close the door. Leave him in there for a short period of time after he has eaten (10-20 minutes) and then let him out again.

When your dog gets to the point where he loves going into his crate for his meals, you can start to leave him for longer periods of time. Before leaving the house and leaving your dog in the crate for the first time, try it out while you are home but out of sight. That way you can assess your dog’s reaction to being left in the crate while no one is around.

Some Points to Keep in Mind

Do not make a big deal out of leaving. No long goodbyes to your dog as this can generate anxiety and create separation issues. Crate your dog normally and always remember to have a positive association. Tossing a treat in the crate is usually a good way to get your dog to go in happily.

When you get back home, do not greet your dog enthusiastically or reward hyper behavior. Wait until your dog has calmed down in his crate before letting him out. This will teach him that calm behavior will be rewarded, rather than hyper behavior. This will also decrease the chances of him undergoing separation anxiety.

Do not leave toys in the crate that he may choke on. Most times it is best to supervise your dog while he plays with his toys.

Consider taking off his collar while he is in the crate so there is no change of it getting caught in anything.

And, do not forget this crucial point – the crate must be a positive place. Never punish your dog by sending him to his crate!

Hiring a Dog Walking Service Can Help

You do not want the crate to be a place of confinement for your dog for hours on end each day. If you have to work long hours, it is a good idea to hire a dog walking service that can come and let your puppy out one or more times during your work day.

Want to set up dog walking visits tailor-made to your puppy’s needs? Contact us today!

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Does your puppy love his crate?

Need Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Orlando and Windermere

Why Choose PAWSitive Strides When You Need Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Orlando and Windermere

Need Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Orlando and WindermereThere are many choices out there when it comes to providing care for your pet. So, why should you choose PAWSitive Strides when you need dog walking and pet sitting in Orlando and Windermere?

Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a person or company to take care of your precious pet is reliability. You need to know that the people who are going to be responsible for your pet while you are away are actually going to do their job.

At PAWSitive Strides, we often get calls from people who are desperately looking for service at the last minute. Their friend, the teenager next door, or even their pet sitting company, bailed on them at the last minute. We got such a call just this week. We were able to accommodate the client and are currently taking care of her sweet dog while she is visiting family in another state.

When you schedule visits and need to be away, you have to be confident that those you have left in charge of your precious pet will follow through. What happens if you have already left for your vacation and the person who was supposed to look after your pet suddenly cannot?

Three Components of Our Service That Make Us Reliable

At PAWSitive Strides, our goal is to provide our clients with reliable, dependable, and stress-free service. We are able to this in many ways:

  • Online System

Our customers use our online system to schedule visits. We do not accept reservations by email, phone call, or text message so that nothing is missed. All of the visits are scheduled by our clients directly in our online system.

Also, clients receive an email confirmation of the visits they have scheduled so that the can look everything over and make sure it is correct.

The online system also serves the purpose of ensuring that no visit gets missed. If a sitter has not checked into the visit during the requested time window, our office manager receives an alert from our online system. The office manager will then immediately contact the sitter. If unable to contact the sitter, the office manager will send out another sitter to the visit, so the pet is not left without a visit.

  • A Team of Sitters

Having a team of sitters allows us to provide our clients with consistent and reliable service, even when there are emergencies. Our clients do not depend on just one person, but rather, they have a team of people at their service. This means that, if a sitter has an emergency, our clients are not left without someone to watch their pet. Instead, someone else from the team will cover the visits. Thus, our clients do not have to make panicked, last-minute phone calls to friends, family, neighbors, and others to try to find coverage because the sitter they were counting on got sick, had a change of plans, or something else.

  • An Office Team

We have sitters working out in the field to take care of our clients’ pets. In addition, we have an office team monitoring all visits for completion, processing client’s schedule request, monitoring the phones after-hours for any emergencies, and answering client’s questions. This allows our clients to be able to leave town with a sense of security. Our clients are confident that they have a team of people invested in the well-being of their precious pet while they are away from home.


Another crucial factor when deciding on pet care options is trust. Trust is important not only for those coming into your home but even if using a pet boarding facility. You need to be confident that the people looking out for your pet really will do the best job possible. In addition, you need to feel that they have the best interests of your pet at heart.

If your pet care provider is coming into your home, you have to trust this person will treat your home and your pet with care and respect.

At PAWSitive Strides, our sitters a selected after a very careful and rigorous interview process. We have our candidates go through quite a few “hoops” before their first screening interview. Also, we do a total of three interviews before deciding whether or not to hire a candidate.

Once we have decided on a candidate, they must submit to a background check, and we likewise check their references. After that, the candidates go through orientation and a training process to ensure that they will do the best job possible in caring for our clients’ precious pets.

Also, anyone working for PAWSitive Strides is an employee rather than an independent contractor. This means that our sitters follow our standard of pet care, not their own. They are trained and coached as needed. Also, should one of our pet sitters get hurt in your home, we provide worker’s compensation insurance, giving you an added level of protection.

Often, pet parents trust that the person or company they are using to care for their pets is insured and bonded. Unfortunately, most pet parents do not have the time to do all of the necessary research. Many fail to realize that, if someone gets hurt in their home, the cost to them can end up being astronomical. Read more about this here.


Life is hectic, and people do not have time to wait for regular office hours.

At PAWSitive Strides we have an online system that is available to our clients 24 hours per day. This means that they can schedule their visits when it is most convenient to them.


Depending on someone else’s calendar of availability in order to be able to travel or work long hours is difficult. It is much easier if you choose a pet care provider that is available to you 365 days per year. One person alone cannot do this. It is not feasible or even realistic to expect one person to be available to care for pets 365 days per year. People get sick, have emergencies, need time off.

At PAWSitive Strides, as mentioned before, our clients have a team of sitters working for them. This means that they can schedule as needed, even at the last minute, and we typically have a sitter available to them.

Having a team of sitters at their service allows our clients to cope with the emergencies that happen in their daily life without having to stress about the care of their pet.

Wondering if PAWSitive Strides is the right company for your pet sitting or dog walking needs in Dr. Phillips, Metrowest, Windermere, or Winter Garden? Contact us today, and one of our office managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Who Are Our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Orlando and Windermere?

pet sitters and dog walkers in orlando and windermere

Who are the PAWSitive Strides pet sitters and dog walkers in Orlando and Windermere?

At PAWSitive Strides, we use a team of pet sitters to better serve our clients. It is only natural to wonder who are our pet sitters and dog walkers in Orlando and Windermere areas and how we go about selecting the perfect sitters for our clients.

Why a Team of Sitters Is Important

First, let us take a look at a few of the reasons that hiring a company with a team of sitters to work for you is important.

  • Emergencies happen

As much as we would like to control everything that could possibly go wrong in our lives, emergencies sometimes happen. This goes both ways: emergencies can happen to the client, and emergencies can happen to the sitters taking care of their pets. Either way, having a team of sitters can make dealing with emergencies a much easier and smoother process.

For instance, when emergencies happen to our clients, we are typically better equipped to take on last-minute visits since we have a team of sitters available to each of our clients.

When emergencies happen to the sitters, we can continue service for our clients without any interruption. This would not happen if our clients were depending on just one person.

  • Burnout

While pet sitting is a wonderful and fulfilling job, it is hard work and everyone needs a break. Our sitters are refreshed for their visits with client’s pets each week because they have time off during the week and because they work in shifts. This allows them to devote close attention to each pet they care for since they have been able to recharge their batteries during their time off.

How We Choose Our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in the Orlando and Windermere Areas

For the safety of our clients, we at PAWSitive Strides, hire very, very carefully.

We do a rigorous and thorough interview process and do not hire someone just because they like animals. We look for things such as, are they dependable, punctual, and personable? Have they shown themselves prompt and thorough during the interview process? Are they positive and engaging?

In addition, we do a thorough background check and also a reference check. Many people think that you can trust your instinct and skip the background check process when hiring someone but this is just not the case. The background check is a crucial part of the hiring process.

The PAWSitive Strides Screening Process:

  1. Initial screening interview and survey
  2. 2nd face-to-face interview
  3. Final face-to-face interview with both partners
  4. Full criminal background check
  5. Contacting of all professional references
  6. Sitter orientation and testing
  7. 90-day trial period coupled with ongoing evaluations to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied and that the sitter is living up to the PAWSitive Strides standards of care and code of ethics
  8. Unannounced quality control visits
  9. Some time after completion of trial period, sitters are trained in Pet CPR and First aid

Curious about our sitters?

Want to see the faces behind the PAWSitive Strides name? Meet our sitters here:

Dog Walking Versus Doggie Daycare in Windermere

dog walking versus doggie daycare in Windermere

Pet parents always want the best for their pets, so dog owners often want their dogs to get exercise during the day. There are many choices in terms of how to go about getting your dog the exercise that he needs. Two such options are dog walking and doggie daycare. In this article, we will take a look at dog walking versus doggie daycare in Windermere so that you can decide which one is best for you and your dog. 

Why Use Dog Walking or Doggie Daycare?

First off, let us consider why some people choose to use a dog walking service or take their dog to doggie daycare.

Long Work Hours

Working long hours leaves you little time and energy to exercise your dog. You do not want to come home to a hyper dog and to feel guilty about the fact that walking your dog is the last thing in the world you want to do when you get home. Knowing your dog has been walked by a dog walking service or has played all day in daycare gives you peace of mind and the time to just relax with your fur baby.

An Unpredictable Schedule

Maybe you have to pick up your kids and drop them off at different activities each day or maybe your work schedule changes often and is unpredictable. You may be asked to work later sometimes and you never know for sure when that is going to happen. Life is unpredictable but you do not want your dog to suffer because of it. Having a dog walking service or using doggie daycare allows you to know that your dog is not having to hold it extra because you were not able to get home in time. You do not have to come home after all that work or running around to find a mess to clean up. Rather, you come home to a happy and relaxed dog.

Working From Home

That may sound contradictory. If you work from home, surely you can take your dog out for a walk. But maybe not. There are those long phone meetings and all of the paperwork to catch up on. Your dog is giving you the look that he needs to go out but you simply do not have the time. If you use a dog walking service or take him to doggie daycare, you know that he is getting the exercise and attention he needs while you are working and then, when you are done, you can focus on your fur baby without stress or guilt.

A Disability

Some people are not able to exercise their pet due to a disability. But that does not mean they love their dog any less, so they may opt to hire a dog walking service or take their dog to doggie daycare.

dog walking in windermere

Which is Best, Dog Walking or Doggie Daycare?

Like any other choices, there are pros and cons to each one and you must consider your dog’s needs as well as your own. Here are some questions to ask yourself about your dog’s needs and your own schedule:

  • Does my dog interact well with other dogs or is he shy? If your dog loves being around other dogs and cannot get enough of playing with other dogs, using a doggie daycare is a great option. On the other hand, if your dog is shy, nervous, or afraid of other dogs, doggie daycare would be stressful for him. Likewise, if your dog does not like other dogs, it may be a better idea to use a dog walking service.
  • Does my schedule allow for drop-off and pick-up from daycare each day? Another thing to consider is your schedule. Do you have the time to drop your dog off and pick him up each day from doggie daycare? If your schedule is unpredictable, this may be even more difficult for you. In a case like that, using a dog walking service may be a better fit for you.


Interested in learning more about our dog walking service? Contact us here so that we can discuss a plan that will work well for both your needs and your dog’s needs.

What if you prefer to use a doggie daycare but just do not have the time to drop your pet off and pick him up each day? We provide a pet taxi service that can take that off of your list. That way, no matter what your work schedule is, your pet can be picked up and dropped off at doggie daycare each day and you can come home to a happy and well-balanced pet. Interested in learning more about our pet taxi service? Contact us here.

Best Dog Walkers in Windermere

best dog walkers in Windermere

Many people are very busy with work, family, taking care of a home, and so on, that it can sometimes be difficult to fit dog walking into the schedule. Every week, we get a lot of calls from pet owners looking for the best dog walkers in Windermere to help them take one thing off of their long list of things to get done.

Reasons People Use Dog Walking Services in Windermere

At PAWSitive Strides, we love walking dogs and, since it is our job, we are happy to take that off of your to-do list. There are many reasons people choose to use a dog walking service in Windermere. Here are some of them:

  • Life is hectic! One of the main reasons someone may use a dog walking service is that life is just so hectic. There are dinners to be make, kids to pick up from school, band practice, soccer practice, and so on. Long hours of work in the office or at home are usually the norm, not the exception. There are groceries to pick up, phone calls to answer, laundry to wash. So many things, so little time!
  • For the love of a dog. People love their dogs and do not want to neglect them. But, with all those things to juggle, walking the dog is just one more thing on the list. It is usually the first thing to get overlooked because it is easier to not walk the dog than to go without dinner. And yet, because people do not want to neglect this item on their list, they will often hire a dog walker to take care of it for them. Delegate, delegate, delegate!
  • No guilt! If Fido does not get his walk, being a good dog, he will not complain, of course. However, Fido’s owner will feel guilty because he loves his walks. He is thrilled when someone touches the leash and says those magical words, “Do you want to go for a walk?” How nice it is to come home and know that Fido has already been walked. Someone came over, picked up his leash, and said the magical “walk” word. Yes, life is good, because Fido’s owner can relax, and Fido had the walk he loves so much.

Dog Walkers in Windermere

While we love to walk dogs of all shapes and sizes, we recognize that we cannot be a fit for every single dog owner. Therefore, we have compiled a list of dog walking services in Windermere, which we found on Google. Our hope is that, if we cannot help you by walking your dog, we can help by cutting some of your research time.

#1 Dog Walking Diva

#2 Four Paws Orlando

#3 Fetch Pet Care

#4 Big Paw Pet Care

Want to find out if dog walking is a good option for you? Looking for a dog walking plan that suits your lifestyle and personal needs? We would love to chat with you! Give us a call at 407-970-0903 or contact us here!

Checklist for Hiring a Dog Walking Service in Windermere

dog walking service in Windermere

How do you go about hiring a dog walking service in Windermere?

Hiring a dog walking company isn’t quite as simple as going online and searching for “Dog Walker in Windermere.” That might work well for finding a new florist or a new pizza joint, but you’re talking about hiring someone to come into your home, to pick up your precious dog, and to take him for a walk. You must conduct thorough research to ensure you choose a seasoned, professional company who loves dogs and will take good care of your best fur baby.

Here is a checklist of questions to ask when hiring a dog walking company:

What is your experience?

It is important to find out how long the company has been in business. What kind of experience do their dog walkers have?

It is always a good thing to have a company that uses dog walkers that love animals and either have their own pets or have plenty of experience taking care of other people’s pets. Ideally, the dog walkers should be able to handle walking larger dogs as well as smaller ones.

You wouldn’t ask someone who knows nothing about bookkeeping to do your taxes, would you? It is also best to make sure you work with people who know dogs when finding the ideal dog walking company for you.

Can you provide references?

Request the names and contact information for several references who have used the professional dog walking service. Email or text those individuals to find out what they thought of the dog walking service. This is very important because you can get good information from others who have used the service.

In addition, places like Angie’s List, Yelp, and Nextdoor can be a good source to find feedback about the company you are considering hiring.

Will I have to sign a contract?

A professional dog walking company will have you sign a contract that outlines your agreement, such as how much each dog walk costs, when payment is due, and the methods of payment accepted.

Why is this important to you?

The contract shows that the company is serious about business. The contract confirms that this company is a professional service; it is serious about its responsibilities.

Do you have a backup?

You may hire a professional dog walker with decades of experience. She’s reliable and well-respected in the community. However, even professionals have to deal with emergencies which may prevent them from being able to make an appointment.

A professional company, however, will have a backup dog walker to ensure your dog always gets his walks. This is a huge plus of hiring a dog walking company; because they have a team of dog walkers, they are often able to accommodate even last minute requests.

In addition, you are not depending on one person only. What will you do if the person gets sick, has an emergency, or needs a vacation? With a team of dog walkers at your service, you can rest assured that all of your walks will be covered.

Do you offer one-on-one or group walks?

Some professional dog walking services offer both one-on-one walks and group walks. A one-on-one walk ensures your dog receives plenty of personalized attention from the dog walker. In addition, it is typically safer for the dog as well as the walker.

Do you have insurance?

A professional dog walking company will have sufficient insurance. Insurance is necessary for the unexpected – an injury your dog may suffer while on a walk, damage to items in the home, and so on. Find out what the dog walker’s insurance covers. Also, be sure to find out what coverage the walker or the company has in case one of the walkers gets hurt in your home.

What happens in an emergency?

If your dog becomes ill or injured or if your professional dog walker arrives at your home to find a plumbing problem, what will she do first? Will she immediately contact you? In the case of an illness or an injury with your dog, will she have permission to seek veterinary attention first? Find out the dog walker’s emergency procedures.

Find out more about PAWSitive Strides’ dog walking services and see if we are a fit for you and your pooch here.


Benefits of Hiring a Dog Walking Service in Windermere

What are the benefits of hiring a dog walking service in Windermere? At one time, dog walking services were not the norm and, if a pet parent had to work long hours, odd schedules, or if one of the members of the family was away from home, Fido simply had to “hold it” and the pet parent hoped for the best.

Now, though, there is another option that is very commonly used: a dog walking service.



What is a dog walking service?

This is a professional company that provides walkers to come into a person’s home and walk the dogs in that household.

Typically, a dog walking service is used several times per week while the pet parent is at work. Also, those pet parents who have odd working schedules enjoy using a dog walking service for those days where they have to be at work for longer than usual. Thus, a dog walking service can be used for regular walks, or just for those off days where a midday break is necessary.

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of hiring a professional dog walking service in Windermere:


Your dog gets to socialize.

Dogs crave socialization. Most dogs don’t enjoy spending the whole day alone.

A professional dog walking service will help break up the loneliness of your dog’s day while you’re at work. Your pooch will get to spend time with his walker, go outside to see the sights and smell all of the different scents dogs love so much. This also helps your dog get to know people outside of his immediate human family. Getting to know different people allows your dog to become more social and friendly, less timid and shy.


Your dog engages in mental and physical stimulation.

A dog without sufficient mental and physical stimulation is far more likely to suffer from behavior problems, such as aggression, chewing things out of boredom, and so on.

A professional dog walking service will do more than walk your dog. The dog walker will shower him with affection, praise him when he follows commands, and become a trusted companion. Mental and physical stimulation means your dog is less likely to suffer from behavioral issues, and what this really means is that your dog is much happier.


Your dog can eliminate.

Think back to the last time you really had to go to the bathroom. Maybe you were stuck in the car or you were in public and all the stalls were taken. How did you get your mind off of the fact that you really had to go? Now, put yourself in your dog’s paws. He doesn’t want to disappoint you by having accidents in the house so maybe he holds it all day. That can’t be comfortable.

A dog walking service will allow your dog the opportunity to use the bathroom as many times as he needs during a visit. This also helps in case you are stuck at work longer than you had planned, or if you have to run a quick errand before going home.

Knowing that your pup has been able to go to the bathroom midday helps eliminate the stress of having to rush home right after work.


Your dog can practice commands.

Dog experts overwhelmingly recommend training a dog, at least the basic commands. If your dog is going to a dog trainer, your dog walking service can be a partner in that training. While your professional dog walker won’t actually be training your dog, she can help your dog practice the commands he is learning. In this case, it is important that you, as the owner, let the walker know which commands you would like your dog to practice each day, such as sitting before going out on a walk or before eating, giving the paw, and so on.



You enjoy peace of mind and are guilt-free.

You only want what’s best for your dog. You want him to get sufficient exercise and to socialize as much as his heart craves. But, you also have a busy life. Sometimes you can’t take your dog for the long walks you want. Sometimes you don’t have the time to shower your dog with the attention he deserves. A professional dog walking service will make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise, leaving you with more time to spend one-on-one with your dog.

Many professional dog walking services send text or email updates to clients after each dog walk to them know their dog is happy and that the walk went well. It is so nice to receive these messages while at work, because you can relax, knowing your dog had a break in his long day.

Instead of getting home, from a long day at work, tired and worn out, and being greeted by a hyper, energetic dog who REALLY wants to go on a long walk, why not come home to a dog who is very happy to see you, but also quite content because he’s already had a nice, long walk?

Are you interested in finding out more about our dog walking services? Contact us today and one of our office managers will be happy to talk to you about the different options and packages we offer. Your dog will thank you!


7 Holiday Dangers for Your Pet

Treat or Threat?

With the holidays literally around the corner, there are many dangers for your pet, so it is perfect timing for you to be reading this blog!  While we humans can pretty much graze and grub until our buttons pop, we need to be extra cautious that certain foods don’t make it into our pets mouths.  If you celebrate the festivities during the holidays, be sure to keep an eye on the following hazards for your pets:

  • Cooked Bones are a no no!  While the stereotype always shows a dog with his trusty bone, keep in mind that a cooked turkey or ham bone is not a good thing!  These bones splinter very easily, posing a risk of a trip to the local ER due to an obstruction of the digestive system.
  • Onions and Garlic will be everywhere this time of year! Keep the pets away as these yummy flavor enhancers contain toxins called sulfides.  These sulfides damage the red blood cells and lead to anemia.
  • The skin of a turkey can be absolute heaven for many. However all of that yummy goodness it holds can run havoc on your pet’s digestive system, leading to pancreatitis.  Vomiting, tummy pain and lethargy are some of the symptoms.
  • Alcohol is really a not meant for your pet.   Keep that one off the menu for your pet year round for sure!  It can cause death in your pet! Alcohol affects your pet in the same way it affects you and your liver.  However, your pet’s liver can’t handle alcohol in the same way that yours can.  It is toxic even in small amounts.
  • Nutmeg found in pumpkin pie is a bad thing for your pet; it can cause seizures, central nervous system issues, and even death.
  • Sage contains essential oils that can cause stomach discomfort.
  • And most importantly: CHOCOLATE! DANGER all the way!

So, during the holiday season, if you are busy with preparations, please be sure to keep your pets happy and safe.

Cat eating

Digestive Issues in Pets

digestive issues in petsJust as with humans, digestive issues in pets can also be common. Cats are normally the ones we associate with sensitive stomachs but our pups can suffer just as badly.

The digestive system is comprised of several body parts that work together to ensure food is turned into energy and healthy tissue. When these body parts don’t sync together or are off kilter, this can impede that process. The stomach, liver, pancreas and intestines all need to be on the same page. In addition to these body parts needing to work together, good gut bacteria and enzymes also need to join the party. If one of these parts gets irritated then our pets suffer.

Some Symptoms of Digestive Issues in Pets

  • Bad breath
  • Gassy
  • Diarrhea and runny stools
  • Lethargy or lack of energy
  • Vomiting

If Your Pet is Experiencing Any of These Issues, Seek a Vet Immediately

  • Blood in stool or vomit
  • Shaking or excessive panting (these are signs of distress and could mean ingestion of toxin or an obstruction)
  • Dry heaving

Tips to Help Your Pet Maintain a Healthy Digestive System

  • Ensure a healthy diet.
  • Talk with your vet about enzymes and probiotics to help. They assist with the creation of good bacteria.
  • Keep your pet’s weight at a healthy level appropriate to his age and size

Just like humans, pets can suffer from digestive issues and discomfort so keep an eye on your pet to make sure he is getting the proper nutrition he deserves for good health and a happy life.

What tips do you have for keeping your pet’s digestive issues to a minimum?