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Keeping Your Floors Clean When You Own a Pet

Keeping your home clean when you own a pet can be quite a challenge. Pets provide us with so much love and joy, though, that the extra work it takes to keep your home clean is worth it. This article will share some tips to help keep your floors clean despite the fur and the slobber.

Keeping Your Floors Clean When You Own a Pet

Keeping floors clean may be one of biggest challenges you face when you own a dog or a cat. There’s the fur. Dirt can get tracked in from outside. And then there’s the problem of kitty litter getting scattered throughout the house. Let’s consider some things that will help keep your floors clean.


If you have carpet, getting a good vacuum is a must. Look for a vacuum made for specifically for homes with pets. An example is the Dyson Ball Animal 2. It contains a HEPA filtration system to trap allergens inside the machine rather than expelling them back into the home. In addition, it has a tangle-free turbine tool to remove pet hair from upholstery and carpets without tangling. I haven’t used the vacuum myself (although I’m putting it on my wish list after doing research for this article), but the reviews are very good overall.

Sweeping with Statically Charged Sweeper

If you have flooring rather than carpeting, using a statically charged sweeper (like the Swiffer) may be a good idea. These type of sweepers trap the hair rather than blowing it around. You can keep your high-traffic areas clean of pet hair by using the sweeper for a few minutes each day. This will keep the fur and dirt from building up.

Keeping Dirt Out in the First Place

Dogs usually go outside to do their business and to play. It is important to keep them from bringing dirt into the home. You will want to put a mat that traps dirt and mud in your entryway or wherever your dog comes into your home from outside. One example of a dirt-trapping mat is the Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat which soaks up water, mud, and dirt and holds seven times its weight (going on my wishlist too!). It also has very good reviews.

In addition to getting a mat that will trap the dirt and keep it from coming into your home, you can keep a container or bin with rags by the door to wipe your dog’s paws before he comes in. If you make this a regular routine, your dog will know it well. He will not expect to come in until all four paws have been thoroughly wiped.

Keeping the Litter Box Area Clean

Another way to keep your floors clean is to keep the litter box area clean. Maintaining the area around the litter box clean of litter will avoid litter spreading to the rest of the house. Scoop the litter box at least once per day. In addition, sweep or vacuum the area surrounding the litter box several times per day, if possible.

Another option is to keep the litter box in a bathtub or shower stall, in order to contain the scattered litter. If this is not possible, placing a large tray underneath the litter box can help to contain the litter and keep it from finding its way around the home.

In addition, it is a good idea to use a rubber mat or a rug that your cat will step on when exiting the litter box in order to trap more of the litter. One mat that has good reviews is the Petlinks Purrfect Paws Cat Litter Mat. This mat features a design that helps to spread a cat’s paw pads apart to force the stray litter off. The litter that falls off of the cat’s paws is collected in deep hollows in the pad, keeping it from scattering throughout the rest of the house.

Owning a pet brings so much joy and they bring with them unconditional love and loads of affection. Following the tips above, you will be able to enjoy their love while at the same time keeping your floors clean.

What things do you do to keep your floors clean in your home?

dog friendly apartments in Orlando

Pet Friendly Apartments in Orlando

dog friendly apartments in OrlandoHow Pet Friendly is Your Future Apartment? Read this article to find out how to choose the best pet friendly apartments in Orlando for you and your pet.

Pet ownership has become increasingly popular over the last decade, and our social media feeds are filled with photos of our friends’ furry family members. Apartments in Orlando certainly understand this trend, and over the last 10 years many apartment communities have added pet friendly policies and amenities that are specifically catered to pet owners. Would you believe me if I told you that some apartments are actually more pet friendly than others? If you’re wondering just how pet friendly your future apartment home will be, try asking these 4 questions before you sign your lease:

  1. Are there any size or breed restrictions?

    If you currently have a large (60+ lbs.) dog or plan to adopt while renting, you’ll want to ask if there are any restrictions on the size or type of pet in your apartment. These restrictions can widely vary from apartment to apartment, so the best way to make sure you are in the clear is to just ask! There are apartments out there with no size or breed restrictions, so rest easy – your pet will be accepted somewhere, you just have to find the right apartment.

    Size restrictions are traditionally set by weight, and the apartment community will ask for a copy of your pet’s most recent veterinary records to file with your apartment lease. They will be checking this paperwork to be sure that your animal’s shots are up to date verify that the pet fits within the size or breed restrictions. It is important to note that these restrictions are not the opinion of the apartment staff, they are often put in place by the apartment community’s insurance policy and are non-negotiable.

  2. Are there any pet fees or a monthly pet rent?

    First up, let’s chat about the difference between pet fees and deposits. A fee is a one-time payment that will not be returned at the end of your lease. A pet deposit will typically be held in an escrow account for the duration of your lease, and will be refunded upon confirmation that there is no damage to the apartment caused by your pet (think: stained carpet or chewed door frames).

Pet rent is very common, and is a monthly addition to your apartment rent. Pet rent can range, but should be $25 to $50 per month, per pet. When you budget for your future apartment be sure to include a line item for pet rent, and call around to see who has the best deal once you take the pet rent into account.

  1. How many pets can I have in my apartment?

    Did you know that apartments limit the number of pets you can house inside of your apartment? “Pets,” can be dogs, cats, birds, and even reptiles. If you have 2 or more animals, we suggest asking this question first to be sure that you are not over the limit. The pet limit applies for the entire duration of your lease, not just on move-in day! Please keep this in mind if you are already a pet owner and plan to adopt an additional animal while you are living in your future apartment.

  2. What pet friendly amenities are available?

Apartments in Orlando are offering some really cool pet friendly amenities, especially at the brand new communities that have been built over the last 5 years. Our favorite pet friendly amenity is a dog park, a fenced-in area where you can let Fido off the leash to meet the neighbor’s dog and run free. Some apartments even offer pet washing stations near the dog park where you can give your pet a bath after playing at the park.

pet friendly apartments in Orlando

You’ll also want to check to be sure that the apartment community offers pet cleanup stations at frequent locations along the walking paths. Make sure the cleanup stations appear to be well stocked with doggie bags and that the receptacles look like they are well-maintained and emptied often. Some apartments even offer doggie DNA services that keep a record of each dog’s DNA, so that they can play Sherlock and identify owners who do not clean up after their pets. This service is highly beneficial, because you can rest easy knowing that as you walk around your future community you won’t have to worry about stepping in… pet waste!


This is a guest blog post from Sydney, a Local Apartment Expert and Dog-Mom at 407apartments, a local Orlando apartment guide that helps connect renters with apartments that meet their lifestyle and budget. If you’re looking to start your apartment search right away, check out this page for pet friendly apartments in Orlando.


pet-friendly hotels in Orlando

Pet-Friendly Hotels in Orlando

pet-friendly hotels in Orlando

If you are traveling to the Orlando area and bringing your fur baby along with you, you will want to find a good pet-friendly hotel. This article will give you a list of some of the pet-friendly hotels in Orlando, as well as some things to consider when choosing a hotel for you and your fur kiddo.

This to Consider When Choosing a Pet-Friendly Hotel

#1 Check out the hotel’s pet policies

You will want to make sure you properly understand the hotel’s pet policies. Some hotels allow pets to stay as long as the pet is crated or not left alone in the room at any time. Other hotels will allow you to leave the pets alone in the room provided they are well-behaved.

You will also want to check if the hotel has a limit on size or weight of pet as a part of their policy.

In addition, if you have more than one pet, you will want to consider if the hotel has a limit on the number of pets they will accept.

#2 Pet fees or deposits

Some hotels will charge a pet fee. Some fees are actually deposits and are refundable if nothing is damaged by the pet staying in the room. You will want to consider how much (if anything) you will have to pay to have your pet in the room with you.

#3 Check out the hotel’s ratings and reviews

You will also want to make sure you do your homework and research the hotel’s rating and reviews. You want to check that the hotel is clean, pleasant, and located in a safe area. It is not enough to know that the hotel accepts pets. It is just as important to make sure that both you and your pets will be happy and safe.

#4 Other things to check out

Does the hotel have a nice area for dogs to walked? Is the dog walking area quiet and safe? Or is it near a busy highway? Will your dog have access to grass or just concrete?

You will also want to find out where is the closest emergency vet clinic to the hotel. You will most likely not need to use it, but it is crucial to be prepared, just in case.

Depending on how long you plan on leaving your dog in the room each day, you will also want to find a dog walking service and set up visits before you arrive. This way, you have everything booked and aren’t left scrambling to find someone at the last minute. Or, worse yet, having to leave the parks to come and let your dog out for a potty break.

dog-friendly hotels in OrlandoSome Pet-Friendly Hotels in Orlando

The hotels below are rated 3 to 5 stars by and are considered to be pet-friendly. However, remember to do your own research and check out the hotel’s policies, fees, and reviews before choosing the best pet-friendly hotel for your and your pooch. Also, don’t forget to contact the hotel you are thinking of choosing and ask them about their dog walking area. In addition, do a Google search to find the closest Emergency Vet Clinic in the area. And, last but not least, enjoy your trip with your favorite fur companion!

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Orlando with 5-Star Ratings

Villas of Grand Cypress Lake Buena Vista

1 North Jacaranda, Orlando, FL 32836

Drury Inn & Suites

7301 West Sand Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819

Rosen Shingle Creek Resort

9939 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Hard Rock Hotel Universal

5800 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Four Seasons Resort Walt Disney World

10100 Dream Tree Blvd, Orlando, FL 32836

Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Resort Lake Buena Vista

1 Grand Cypress Blvd, Orlando, FL 32836

Loews Portofino Bay Hotel Universal

5601 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Hyatt Place Hotel

8688 Palm Parkway, Orlando, FL 32836

4874 Cayview Avenue, Orlando, FL 32819

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Orlando with 4-Star Ratings

9700 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

La Quinta Inn International Drive North

5825 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Best Western Orlando Gateway Inn

7299 Universal Blvd, I-4 East – Exit 75A, Orlando, FL 32819

Residence Inn North Lake Buena Vista

11450 Marbella Palms Court, Orlando, FL 32836

Rosen Centre Hotel

9840 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Westgate Palace Hotel

6145 Carrier Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Castle Hotel

8629 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Extended Stay America Hotel Convention Center

8750 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites Universal Studios

5905 South Kirkman Road, Orlando, FL 32819

La Quinta Inn & Suites Convention Center

8504 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Residence Inn Convention Center Hotel

8800 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Loews Royal Pacific Resort Universal

6300 Hollywood Way, Orlando, FL 32819

Rosen Inn at Pointe

9000 International Drive, I-4, Exit 74A, Orlando, FL 32819

Dog-Friendly Hotels in Orlando with 3-Star Rating

5621 Major Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Extended Stay America Hotel Universal Studios

5620 Major Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Extended Stay America Hotel Palm Parkway

8100 Palm Parkway, Orlando, FL 32836

Rosen Inn

6327 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Red Roof Inn Convention Center

9922 Hawaiian Court, Orlando, FL 32819

Extended Stay America Hotel Vineland Road

5610 Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32819

Wyndham Orlando Resort

8001 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819

Sheraton Lake Buena Vista Resort

12205 South Apopka Vineland Road, Orlando, FL 32836

Extended Stay America Hotel Commodity Circle

8687 Commodity Circle, Orlando, FL 32819

Clarion Inn Lake Buena Vista

8442 Palm Parkway, I-4, Exit 68, Orlando, FL 32836

Hawthorn Suites By Wyndham

7975 Canada Avenue, Orlando, FL 32819

Westgate Lakes Resort & Spa

10000 Turkey Lake Road, Orlando, FL 32819

Quality Inn & Suites Universal Studios

7400 Canada Avenue, Orlando, FL 32819

International Palms Resort

6515 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819


Need a Dog Walking Services While You Are Seeing the Orlando Sights?

Don’t forget to contact us if you need someone to walk your pooch while you are out enjoying the sights and sounds of Orlando! Your pooch will also enjoy the opportunity to see the sights and smell the smells outside of the hotel room.

What’s your favorite pet-friendly hotel in Orlando? 

choosing the right food for your cat

How to Choose the Right Food for Your Cat

choosing the right food for your cat

Is it important to learn how to choose the right food for your cat? The answer is a resounding yes! It is important for your cat’s health and overall well-being and happiness. So, how do you go about choosing the right food for your cat? There are a lot of factors to consider.

Consider the Needs of Your Cat When Choosing Food

#1 Age

How old is your cat? Depending on his age, his nutritional needs will be different.

Kittens are more active than adult or older cats and therefore need more calories in their diet. Also, they are developing and growing so they need a diet that is high in protein and fat so they can build healthy bones and teeth.

As cats grow into adults, their caloric needs will change since they aren’t as active and are no longer growing and developing. You will want to monitor the caloric intake so that your cat does not become overweight as an adult.

Older cats will need proteins that are easier to digest, and because they are more sedentary, their diet should be lower in fat as well.

#2 Nutritional Requirements

Cats are different from dogs in that they need much more protein than dogs do. Their food should be high in animal-based protein and low on plant-based ingredients. Cats do not tolerate grains as dogs do, so their diet needs to be grain free. Also, cats do best with a diet low in carbohydrates.

According to the, a cat’s natural diet contains the following:

  • 72-78% moisture content
  • 63% protein
  • 23% fat
  • 2.8% carbohydrates

Different Types of Food Choices for Your Cat

There are many choices of food available for your cat and all of them have their pros and cons.

#1 Dry Food

Dry food is easy to use and typically costs less than all other forms of cat food. However, there are a lot of cons to using strictly dry food for your cat. Sometimes, the savings in food may translate into higher costs in health care for your cat later on in life.

Some of the cons of dry food are

  • It is highly processed and typically very high in carbohydrates
  • Dry food oftentimes has non-meat sources of protein which cats do not tolerate well
  • Kibble is very dehydrating for your cat because of the low moisture content

#2 Wet Food

Wet foods have a lot more moisture in them and this helps to keep cats from getting dehydrated. Cats often do not drink enough water and end up developing kidney and urinary tract issues. Therefore, having a food high in moisture content helps to alleviate that problem.

Canned foods also have a lower level of carbohydrates.

Some of the disadvantages of using canned food are

  • It is typically more expensive than dry food
  • It can go bad if left out for more than a few hours
  • Some cats do not enjoy the refrigerated leftovers

#3 Raw Frozen or Freeze Dried Food

Raw food is the closest to a species-appropriate diet for your cat and has many advantages. It is minimally processed and contains natural ingredients. Cats eat less and therefore maintain better weight control. It can also be cheaper than canned food, but, like canned food, it provides a high moisture content. It also contains less carbohydrates than both canned and dry food.

One of the disadvantages of raw food is that it has to be thawed before eating and it cannot be left out for long periods of time. However, with good planning and scheduled feedings, it can be easily adapted to the cat’s lifestyle (and yours!)


How to Choose the Right Food for Your Cat

The best way to choose the right food for your cat is to put all of the information above together.

  • Consider your cat’s age
  • Evaluate your cat’s nutritional needs based on his age and based on a ca’ts nutritional requirements
  • Weight the cost  – remember to consider both present costs (how much the actual food costs) but also future costs (costs you will incur caring for your cat’s health and well-being)

What do you feed your cat?




caring for an aging pet

Caring for an Aging Pet

caring for an aging pet

You may wonder, how exactly do I go about caring for an aging pet? Our pets bring us so much joy and love when they are young. As they begin to get older, though, it is time for us to repay all of the unconditional love and devotion they have given us throughout their life. It is important to give your aging pet the best possible care, so he can age with dignity, surrounded by love.

When Is a Pet Considered Older?

This can vary from pet to pet, but, typically, cats and smaller dogs are considered older when they reach the age of 7. Larger dogs, who tend to have a shorter lifespan, are considered older when they reach the age of 6. It is crucial to know this because we don’t typically think of a 7-year-old dog or cat as old. But this is the time to be on the lookout for health problems. Being prepared can help your pet age with dignity and continue to have a good quality of life well on to his later years.

Consider the tables below for an approximate estimate in human years of your pet’s age as it gets older:

what is my cat's age in human years

Common Signs of Disease in Older Pets

As pets age, diseases are more likely to increase, so it is important to keep a close eye on your pet’s overall health and well-being during this time in his life. Be on the lookout for things such as:

  • Decreased appetite
  • Increased thirst
  • Increased urination
  • Decreased or no urination
  • Straining to urinate
  • Blood in urine
  • Poor health coat
  • Vomiting
  • Weakness
  • Coughing
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Decreased tolerance of exercise

If you see any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with your vet.

caring for an older cat

Caring for an Aging Pet

So, how should you go about caring for your older pet? The first thing to do is remember that your pet needs you now more than ever! You are your pet’s voice; you are his ally. Your pet has given you a lifetime of joy and unconditional love. And now, he needs your help to get through a difficult time in his life with dignity and love.

Start healthy habits NOW!

Age is, in fact, not considered an illness. The care you give your pet now will determine, to a great extent, how well he ages. So don’t wait until your pet gets older. Start healthy habits now.

Schedule regular visits to the vet

Even if your pet appears healthy, you will want to do check-ups to ensure that there is nothing lurking unseen.

Feed your dog a high-quality diet

This is imperative throughout the dog’s life to maintain health. Now, as your pet ages, it is even more crucial. You may also need to decrease the portions but increase the number of times you feed your pet each day.

See more information on making your own dog food here.

For information on the advantages of a raw food diet for your dog, click here.

Keep your pet at his ideal weight

Do not allow your pet to become overweight because overweight dogs are more prone to developing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and so on.

Continue to give your pet appropriate exercise

Even though our pets slow down as they age, this does not mean they do not need exercise anymore. Adjust the amount and intensity of the exercise to suit your pet’s age and health.

Provide toys to keep your senior pet engaged

Even though our pets are aging, they are still young at heart. Provide your pet with toys to stimulate his mind and keep his playful spirit alive.

Sunlight and fresh air

Pets also need sunlight and fresh air. While cats live longer when kept indoors, if you have a screened in porch where your cat can get some sunlight and fresh air, it is a good idea to let your cat go out there each day. Also, many people put a window seat for their cats and these can quickly become your kitty’s favorite spot.  Sunlight and fresh air for dogs can easily be supplied by providing walks each day. Make sure you keep your dog on a leash to avoid any problems!

Ensure your pet has any special accommodations he needs

You may need to provide ramps, special bedding, foot pads or booties to keep your pet from slipping on hard flooring, and so on.

What special things have you done to care for your older pet?

turdlebag poop bag holder

Review of Turdlebag

review of turdlebag


As dog walkers, we deal with poop on a daily basis. Actually, forget daily, we deal with it on an hourly basis. Or even every 20 to 30 minutes. While walking dogs is tons of fun, handling their poop bags… not so much. I remember walking a couple of large dogs, having hands full with leashes and poop bags and thinking, there has to be a better way. Heaven forbid they poop more than once and I am left holding 3 or 4 bags in addition to the dogs and their leashes. So, I did a little research and found a product that I absolutely love: the Turdlebag! Here is my review of Turdlebag.

turdlebag poop bag holderWhat is the Turdlebag?

The Turdlebag is a combination of poop bag dispenser and a convenient dog poop bag container. It allows you to carry multiple poop-filled bags so that your hands can be used for a more noble purpose, such as holding the leash or swinging freely at your side.

turdlebag attached to leashHow does it work?

The Turdlebag attaches easily to your dog’s leash, harness, a backpack, a bag, etc. I actually attach mine to the fanny pack I use while working. You can roll it shut while it is empty and when you have added poop bags to it. This keeps the odor level down while you are walking those poops around.

Find out more about how it works here. 

Pros of the Turdlebag

Strong and Sturdy

I love everything about the Turdlebag. I have been using my Turdlebag for a year and a half now and it gets a lot of use almost every day. It is strong and sturdy. It is big enough to hold quite a few poop-filled bags, but, at the same time, does not get in my way.

It Also Holds Poop Bag Rolls

The Turdlebag also holds two rolls of poop bags and has a handy dispenser through which to feed the bags.

It is Machine-Washable

The Turdlebag can also be put in the washing machine (just be sure to air dry it!) to keep it clean and fresh.

Additional Small Pocket

The new version of the Turdlebag also has a small pocket where you can put money, ID, or keys. Since I use a fanny pack, I don’t use that small pocket. The pocket is not large enough for a cell phone and can’t hold too much.

Cons of the Turdlebag

The only con that I can think of for the Turdlebag is that you can sometimes still smell a bit of the poop. However, when I keep it closed, I do not typically smell the poop. It is not 100% odor free, but then again, it would be much worse if you were carrying the bag in your hand. Besides, if you are carrying poop, it kind of comes with the territory.

The Turdlebag is currently 80% odor free and they are working on making it 100% odor free.

Who Should Use the Turdlebag?

If you have a dog (or especially if you have more than one dog), and you take your dog for long walks, you will love the Turdlebag! It allows you to keep your hands free for more important things. I highly recommend it!

Have you used the Turdlebag before? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.

outdoor exercise for your cat

How to Get Your Cat to Exercise

how to get your cat to exercise

When people have dogs, they will typically walk them every day or have them engage in play time in order to keep them healthy. However, when it comes to cats, because many are indoor-only, they end up leading a sedentary life, which can lead to a cat becoming overweight and even getting sick. So, you may be wondering how you can get your cat to exercise. First, let us consider some of the benefits of exercise for your cat.

Benefits of Exercise for Your Cat

Exercise helps your cat to keep physically fit. Just as with humans, cats need proper exercise to maintain optimum physical health.

It releases anxiety. Excercise helps to release anxiety and tension. If a cat has no way to release stress and anxiety, it can build up and cause damage to the cat’s health and well-being.

Exercise alleviates boredom. Cats are hunters by nature. They are also very curious creatures. Exercise helps to fulfill a cat’s hunting desire and keeps the cat stimulated mentally. Mental stimulation and well-being, in turn, translate into a healthy and happy cat.

It makes your cat feel good. Who doesn’t like to play? Cats are no different. They enjoy playtime because it’s a break from the ordinary and make them feel good.

It promotes bonding time. Playing promotes bonding between cat and human. This builds up a strong and loving relationship.

How Can I Get My Cat to Exercise?

Getting Your Cat to Exercise Indoors

Getting a cat to exercise may involve patience and creativity, but it is well worth the effort.

Cat toys. For inside playtime, you can use cat toys that you purchase or those you make yourselfBe sure to supervise your cat during play and be careful of which toys you decide to use for your cat.

Lasers. You can also use lasers to play with your cat, but be sure to follow it up with a real, tangible toy. If you use only the cat laser, your cat can develop frustration and fixation because he is unable to physically catch or touch the laser. The advantage of the laser is that you can have your cat running quite a bit trying to catch it.

Cat trees or window perches. Cats love being high up and this gets them moving. Give them plenty of perching options throughout the house.

Catnip. You can also use catnip to provide enrichment and stimulation for an indoor cat. Make your own catnip toy by adding some catnip to an old sock and knotting it. Or, you can add some catnip to a paper bag and crush it into a ball. Another option is to rub it on your cat’s scratching post.

outdoor exercise for your cat

Getting Your Cat to Exercise Outdoors

It may be a little trickier to get your cat to exercise outdoors, but here are some suggestions:

Let your cat out on the porch. If you have a covered porch, this is a great option for your cat because it provides options for exercise as well as allowing your cat to get some fresh air and sunshine, which are also crucial to his good health. Your cat will get exercise chasing lizards and bugs. He will also get stimulation observing the birds, squirrels, and other animals that may be out and about.

Use a harness and leash. This is the one that may be a bit tricky. It will take quite a bit of patience to get your cat used to using a leash but they payoff of doing so is great. Your cat will have the opportunity of exploring the outdoors, which is something cats love to do, but at the same time, he can remain safe.

What is your cat’s favorite form of exercise?


dog groomers in windermere

Dog Groomers in Windermere

dog groomers in windermere

Trying to find out who are the best dog groomers in Windermere? Finding the right groomer for your pet is important because you want your pet to be happy and you also want it to fit your needs.

This to Consider When Choosing a Dog Groomer in Windermere

You will want to take several things into account when deciding on a groomer for your pet.

Find Out How Experienced the Dog Groomer Is

How much experience does the groomer have? You will want to find someone with the experience level with which you are comfortable. Find out if the groomer has gone to grooming school or apprenticed with another groomer. In addition, you will want to learn if the groomer has experience grooming your particular breed (or even size) of dog.

Check Out the Reviews of Dog Groomers in Windermere

What do others have to say about the groomer, either online or in person? Often, a good way to find a great dog groomer is to ask others who have pets to find out who they use to groom their pets. If you don’t know anyone who has a pet and uses a groomer, the next best thing to do is to go online and do some research. Do a search for reviews of dog groomers in Windermere and see what you can find. Read the reviews, but always remember to take negative reviews with a grain of salt if they are few and far-between.

Check Out the Facility

You will want to check out the facility to make sure that it is clean and that the animals are treated properly. Some things you will want to check for are

  • Does everything smell clean?
  • Do they sweep up and clean up frequently?
  • How are the staff handling the pets?
  • Do the pets seem relaxed?
  • Are the groomers giving the pets their full attention?
  • Is there a lot of barking and stress?
  • How do they handle more difficult dogs?
  • Does the groomer ask you questions about your dog?

What Does Dog Grooming Include?

Grooming may include some (or all) of the following:

  • Brushing
  • Clipping
  • Bathing
  • Drying
  • Nail clipping/grinding
  • Sanitary clip
  • Feet and pad trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Face and eye trim
  • Anal gland expressing
  • Tick removal
  • Dematting

Dog Groomers in Windermere

Looking for a dog groomer in the Windermere area? Here are some of the groomers we found on Google. Please note that we haven’t tried these groomers ourselves, so use the tips above to choose the perfect groomer for you and your pup.

Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming

Aussie Pet Mobile Windermere

The Spaw Groom

Which dog groomer do you use in the Windermere area?


things to consider when adopting a cat

Things to Consider When Adopting a Cat

things to consider when adopting a cat

Thinking of adding a cat to your life? Here are some things to consider when adopting a cat.

Is Owning a Cat a Big Commitment?

Having a pet is a big commitment of time, expense, and energy. It is not something that a person should get on impulse. It is vital to consider if you are able to commit to this pet for the rest of his life.

How Much Time Does Owning a Cat Require?

Consider: do I have enough time to take care of a cat? How much time is involved in caring for a cat?

Many people think that a cat is a low-maintenance pet. That may be true to a small extent, but no pet is truly low-maintenance unless you get a pet rock.

#1 Cats Need Attention

Cats need attention and exercise just as much as dogs do. Even though they express themselves differently in terms of their need for affection, they enjoy having human companionship and interaction. Will you have the necessary time day in and day out to devote to your cat?

#2 Cats Need Feeding and Grooming

Cats require feeding and possibly daily grooming, depending on the fur. You can make feeding easier and quicker by using automatic feeders on timers. However, it is still important to do research when deciding the best diet to feed your cat to ensure optimum health.

Cats with long fur will need consistent brushing to prevent matting of the hair. Cats do not enjoy having mats in their fur.

#3 Cats Like Clean Litter Boxes

You will also need to budget time for cleaning litter boxes. Cats love to use a clean litter box, so it is important to clean the litter box often, at least once or twice per day. An option that will save time for this is to use a self-cleaning litter box. Do your research, though. Not all self-cleaning litter boxes are created equal! As a pet sitter, I have seen a lot of self-cleaning litter boxes, and some can be a huge hassle to maintain and sometimes clog easily.

#4 Cats Need Daily Exercise

You will want to exercise your cat daily as well. Cats need exercise, even if they are indoors only, in order to maintain good health. In addition, exercise can alleviate boredom and stress for your cat.

how to choose the right cat for you

Is It Expensive to Own a Cat?

It is important to also consider the expense of owning a cat. You must be willing to foot the expense of the cat for his entire lifetime. It is not simply a matter of having fun with a kitten and then abandoning him once he grows old. A person wanting to get a cat must consider if he/she is willing to commit to the expenses that will occur as the cat ages.

#1 Vet Bills

Usually, when pets are younger, the vet bills are lower because they are generally healthier and only need their routine vet check-ups. However, as pets age, they may develop different health problems and, addressing these problems will involve an added expense. It is the saddest thing to see pets abandoned by their owners when they need them most, as they get older.

#2 Travel Arrangements

An added expense that you need to consider is what you will do with your cat if you need to travel. Sometimes people feel that cats are self-sufficient and can stay for long periods of time while their owners travel. But, even if the cat has food and water, he still needs companionship and interaction. You will want someone to check in on your cat daily to make sure that all is well. It is a good idea to set up a pet sitting service once you get your cat. You will want to have someone you trust to take care of your cat when you travel.

What Kind of Cat Should I Adopt?

Another thing you will want to consider is what kind of cat to adopt. How can you go about deciding?

#1 Analyze your lifestyle

You will want to analyze your lifestyle to decide whether you want to go with a kitten, an adult cat, or a senior cat.

For instance, a kitten is going to require much more attention and playtime than an adult or senior cat will. A kitten will also need a lot more exercise and playtime. Kittens are fun, adorable, and a source of lots of laughs, but do you have the necessary time to keep your kitten happy and healthy so that he can grow into a stable adult?

A senior cat will need less time than a kitten but the expense may be greater depending on health issues. Senior cats are less likely to be adopted, so if you don’t have enough time for a kitten but have weighed the expenses carefully and can make room for a senior cat in your life, he will be forever grateful to you.

On the other hand, an adult cat may just strike the balance you need at the moment between time and finances. There are many wonderful adult cats that need good homes.

#2 Analyze your personality

You will want to find a cat that works with your personality. You and your cat should complement each other. For instance, if you are a quiet and lower energy person, you will most likely not be too thrilled with a cat that is bouncing off of the walls and demanding a lot of attention. You may enjoy it for a while, but it could get old. Also, you may not be inclined to provide the cat with the attention and exercise he needs to be happy.

On the other hand, if you want to spend a lot of time playing with your cat, you will want to look for a very playful and active cat.

What tips do you have for someone who wants to adopt a cat?

Best Pet Boarding Places in Windermere

This article will discuss some of the different options for pet care available to you, how you can go about choosing the right options for you, and some of the best pet boarding in Windermere.

Many times, when people are planning to go out of town, they are unsure as to what options they have for pet care. Many people rely on friends, relatives, or neighbors to help out when they have to be away, but some have found that this is not always the best option for them. Some feel that they do not want to bother their friends and put a strain on the relationship. These people may be at a loss as to what to do. Sometimes, clients tell us that, before they found out about our pet sitting services, they would never go out of town because they just could not leave their pet.

Pet Care Options in Windermere

There are many pet care options available to pet parents in the Windermere area. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Pet Sitting in Windermere

One of the options many people use when they go out of town is pet sitting.

How do you decide if pet sitting is a good option for you? Consider a few questions you can ask yourself:

Does my pet prefer to stay at home?

Pet sitting is an excellent option for pets who prefer to stay at home. Many pets are shy by nature and all pets are creatures of habit. Therefore, for a lot of pets, staying at home is a preferred choice. They enjoy the comfort and security of being in their home environment and of keeping up with their favorite daily routines. Cats, especially, typically hate to leave home and do very well with daily visits for feeding, love, and attention.

Do I have time to plan pick-up and drop-off at a boarding facility?

If your schedule is tight and you do not want to add drop-off and pick-up times to your already busy schedule, pet sitting is also a good option because all you have to do is schedule the visits (once you have registered with a company), and your pet sitting can begin. No need to pack supplies and transport your pet. If you do prefer to have your pet boarded but do not have time for pick-up and drop-off, contact us for more information on our pet taxi services.

Do I have someone to check on my house, pick up mail, newspaper, etc?

If you do not already have someone who can come over and do those things for you, pet sitting may be a good option for you. In addition to caring for your pet, a pet sitting service will pick up mail, rotate lights, open and close blinds, and give the house an appearance of being occupied while you are away. Having someone come daily or even several times per day can be a crime deterrent.

Pet Boarding in Windermere

Another option for pet care in the Windermere area is pet boarding. How do you decide if pet boarding is a good option for you and your pet? Consider some questions you can ask yourself:

Does my dog come to the boarding facility for daycare on a consistent basis?

If your dog is used to coming to the boarding facility for daycare on a consistent basis, using pet boarding is very likely a great option for your dog. He is already familiar with the environment and associates it with playtime and fun. He knows that, once he is dropped off there, he will be picked up again, so it is not traumatic for him. It gets to be his vacation while you are on vacation.

Does my pet need veterinary care while I am away?

While a lot of pet sitting companies and boarding facilities can and do administer medications with client instruction while clients are away, sometimes it is best to board your pet under the supervision of a vet, at a veterinary clinic boarding facility.

Best Pet Boarding Places in Windermere

As a pet sitting service in the Windermere area, we know that we, unfortunately, cannot be a fit for everyone. However, our ultimate goal is to help all pet parents, be it through our services, or by helping with the process of finding the perfect place to care for their pets.

With that in mind, we have done a Google search and compiled a list of pet boarding places in the Windermere area. The Google ratings are as of the writing of this article.

Pawsh Pet Resort and Spa

(I have personally taken client’s pets here as part of our pet taxi service and can testify that the staff was always very friendly and the dogs were always very happy to go there for doggie daycare)

300 Countyline Ct, Oakland, FL 34787

(407) 654-7297

They have a 4.8 Star rating on Google

Best Friends Pet Care

2510 Bonnet Creek Pkwy, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830

(407) 209-3126

They have a 4.3 Star rating on Google

Paws and Play

11790 W Colonial Dr, Ocoee, FL 34761

(407) 656-7529

They have a 4.5 Star rating on Google

Fur and Feathers Pet Resort

1230 Winter Garden Vineland Rd, Winter Garden, FL 34787

(407) 905-6088

They have a 3.9 Star rating on Google

Best Vet Boarding Places in Windermere

If you have a pet that is ill and needs medical supervision by a vet, boarding at a vet clinic is probably your best option. Here is a list of vet clinic boarding places in the Windermere area:

Luv-n-Care Animal Hospital of Windermere

8940 Conroy Windermere Rd, Orlando, FL 32835

(407) 217-7700

They have a 5 Star rating on Google

Windermere Vet Services

Lake Burden Shops, 7315 Winter Garden Vineland Rd #109, Windermere, FL 34786

(407) 217-7635

They have a 4.8 Star rating on Google

Windermere Animal Clinic

1909 Maguire Rd, Windermere, FL 34786

(407) 876-3676

They have a 4.7 Star rating on Google

How Can We Help You?

Do you have questions about the difference between pet sitting and pet boarding? Want to learn more about the pet sitting services we offer and get a tailor-made service for your pet? Contact us now! We would love to help!

Whom do you rely on for pet care when you go out of town?