6 Inexpensive Cat Toys You Can Make for Your Cat

Clients often tell me that they buy all kinds of expensive cat toys for their cat but then he ends up preferring the box or the bag the box came in instead of the toy itself. So for some people, inexpensive cat toys you can make for your cat are the perfect answer to this problem. I decided to do a little research and found 6 inexpensive toys that you can easily make for your cat. And he is bound to love them! Plus, why not save a little money in the process?

6 Inexpensive Cat Toys You Can Make for Your Cat

The Classics with a Twist

A Carboard Box

Just about every cat loves playing with a cardboard box. To make it more interesting, you can tape it shut.  Cut out a small square as a door and another one somewhere else as a window. Your cat will enjoy playing in it and using it as a hiding spot.  It may even become his favorite place to take a nap.

To make the window more interesting and exciting, why not cut some pieces of yarn and glue them in such a way that they hang down over the window?

Tin Foil Ball

This one is very easy and self-explanatory. You can use tin foil to make a ball and your cat should get a kick of chasing it around the house. You can also make one by wrapping tin foil around a piece of yarn so you have a ball on a string. Attach the yarn to your belt loop and walk around the house doing your chores. Your call will “have a ball”, pun intended!

Ping Pong Ball

Same idea as the tin foil ball but this one is bouncy! Young cats especially love chasing a ping pong ball throughout the house. For fun, you can draw a face on the ping pong ball. That’s more for you than for the cat. You can also glue a piece of pipe cleaner or a piece of yarn for a tail and you have a very inexpensive, fun mouse toy. If you glue pieces to your toy, do not leave your cat unsupervised while playing. Some pieces can become a choking hazard.

Toilet Paper Roll Treat Dispenser

This is very simple and easy to make. If your cat loves treats, she will love the challenge of trying to get the treats out of the toilet paper roll treat dispenser. Simply fold the ends of a toilet paper roll in toward each other. Leave a couple of holes for the treats to spill out with movement. Do this on both sides of the toilet paper roll.

Paper Towel Roll Scratching Toy

Take a paper towel roll and stuff it well with newspaper to make it strong and sturdy. Wrap the outside of the roll with sisal twine. Use a hot glue gun to glue down at least the start and end points of the twine so it will hold. It may be best to glue down a few other portions of the twine as well. This way the toy can hold up longer.

Toilet Paper Roll Snake

Many cats are fascinated by snakes, but, in the wild, some are poisonous and can pose a danger to our cats. So, bring the outdoors in by making a toilet paper roll snake. Take at least 3 empty rolls of toilet paper and glue down a piece of string or ribbon inside each one to both connect the rolls and to make them flexible. Use the toilet paper roll treat dispenser idea to combine two toys in one for extra fun! Completely seal off one end of the snake by bending the ends down and taping them shut. Bend down the ends of the “mouth” of the snake; leave some room for treats to fall out. You can then cover the “snake” with fabric of your choosing, add a few treats, and watch your kitty have some fun!

The true pleasures in life are the simple things. Sometimes it’s not the most expensive thing or the fanciest, that can hold our attention and affection. It is no different for our cats. Sometimes it is the simplest toy, the most inexpensive thing that becomes the most fun and beloved, leading to hours of contented play time.

Have you ever made a toy for your cat? What is your cat’s favorite toy?



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