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Wallace the pit bull

Wallace the pit bull

I just finished reading a wonderful book entitled Wallace: The Underdog Who Conquered a Sport, Saved a Marriage, and Championed Pit Bulls – One Flying Disk at a Time. It was a very pleasant read and, as I am partial to pit bulls, I loved the positive focus on a wonderful breed. It was amazing to read of how a dog, who was unwanted and even feared by many, turned out to be a champion, with tenacity and zest for life. It made me think of all of the dogs and cats that are put down each year in shelters. What a lot of missed potential. So many animals gone to waste.

I highly recommend the book for any pit bull lovers and animal lovers in general. It will have you cheering for Wallace who goes from underdog to champion. He will steal your heart!


Lucy needs a forever home

Lucy needs a forever home

LucyPlease help us find a home for Lucy! You can contact me via email at [email protected] or at 407-970-0903. Thank you for your help!I need to find a new home for my dog. I adopted her in February, looking for a friend for the dog …I have had for 6 years. Unfortunately, in the last couple of weeks, there have been some jealousy issues that have turned into aggressive behaviors. The new dog needs a home where she can be the only pet (she doesn’t get along well with cats either). She is a very sweet and loving dog and really wants to please. She learns commands quickly and is very food motivated. She’s not fully potty trained, but she hasn’t had an accident in over a week! If you know anyone who is looking for a great companion, please feel free to contact me. She is a viszla/lab mix, about 35 lbs. Thank you!

In a rush?

In a rush?

Sometimes, when getting everything ready to go away on vacation, it is easy to forget to get more kitty litter or dog food. Not to worry! We offer an errand service wherein we will pick up any pet supplies that you need for our visits with your babies. That way, you can focus on giving your furry babies some extra love and attention before you leave, and let us worry about the other essentials for their care. After all, we are here to help make things just a little easier while you are away! 🙂

Holidays are around the corner

Holidays are around the corner

The holidays are just around the corner and they are a busy time for pet sitters. Please remember to book your pet sitting appointments with as much notice as possible, as we are already filling up! We want your pets to be as happy as you during the holidays. 🙂

Benefits of exercise for your dgo

Benefits of Exercise for Your Dog

Benefits of exercise for your dog

There are many benefits of exercise for your dog. Sometimes we may think of exercise only in terms of humans, but our pets need exercise as well.

What Are the Benefits of Exercise for Dogs?

Helps to eliminate behavior problems. Sometimes dogs chew and destroy things, bark excessively, or dig out of boredom, because they are lacking sufficient exercise.

Regular exercise helps to keep dogs healthy. Just like with humans, regular exercise helps to keep our fur companies healthy, limber, and agile. This is very important as well our dogs as they age. Having had a regimen of daily exercise will help a dog to age with less health and joint problems.

It helps to keep our dogs happy. Dogs love to be active, to engage in play, and to explore the world around them. Giving them proper exercise regularly helps them remain happy.

Exercise alleviates boredom. Imagine if you were confined to your home with no chance of ever going to the movies, out to eat, or anything else you love to do. It is the same for our dogs if they don’t get a chance to go out and exercise and play.

Regular exercise helps to reduce digestive issues and constipation. If a dog is able to go on a long walk, this will allow him ample opportunity to relieve himself. In addition, exercise can stimulate bowel movement, helping your dog eliminate regularly.

It can help fearful dogs develop confidence and self-esteem. A good exercise routine can help a fearful dog overcome his fears and develop into a well-balanced and happy dog.

Regular exercise can help keep your dog calm. Regular exercise is important in helping your dog be calm and relaxed, rather than hyper and anxious.

It is beneficial for weight control. Having your dog exercise regularly is an excellent way to maintain your dog’s weight at an acceptable level. Dogs who do not exercise much tend to be more overweight.

how to exercise your dog

How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need Each Day?

There are many factors that you will need to take into account when deciding how much exercise your dog will need each day. Here are a few of them:

  • Age – You will want to take your dog’s age into account when planning an exercise routine for him. A young dog will need more exercise than an older dog, although you do not want to neglect exercising your dog because he has gotten older
  • Health – Your dog’s health is also a factor you need to consider when determining the amount of exercise. If your dog is very ill, he may not be able to exercise at all, or your may need to choose a more gentle type of exercise than you would for a healthy dog
  • Energy level – Just like humans, some dogs have a much higher energy level than others. You will want to take that into account. A dog with a high energy level may not be tired after a 30-minute walk. On the other hand, that may be the perfect amount of time for a dog with a lower energy level.

What are Some Different Types of Exercise for My Dog?

Dogs can exercise in different ways and all are beneficial for different things. The key is to use a variety of exercises for your dog in order to maintain a good routine and keep your dog happy and balanced.

Walks. Walks are an excellent way to exercise your dog and they are ideal for allowing your dog to explore the world beyond his home.

Backyard playtime. Spending time playing fetch with your dog in the backyard is less structured than a walk. However, it makes up for it in terms of how much fun your dog can have. You can play fetch with a ball or teach your dog to catch a Frisbee. This allows your dog to have fun and, at the same time, stay in shape.

Dog park. Dog parks provide another level of exercise and stimulation. Your dog gets to leave his home environment and gets to interact with others of his own kind. Always make sure you supervise your dog’s interactions at the dog park to ensure his safety.

Swimming. If you have a pool, swimming is an excellent form of exercise. It can also be very helpful even for older dogs with joint problems.

Don’t Have Time to Exercise Your Dog?

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to do everything you have to do each day. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean your dog has to go without exercise. At PAWSitive Strides, we provide dog walking services. This helps our clients when they have to work long hours and just don’t have the time to exercise their dog. Our visits often include having the dog swim before the walk or doing some backyard playtime after the walk. Thus, we build a nice exercise routine for your dog.

Want to learn more about our dog walking services? Contact us today!




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