Benefits of Regular Exercise for Your Dog:


Do you feel guilty when you go to work because you leave so early and come back so late? Or does your dog just seem to “bounce off the walls” all of the time or get into trouble, chewing and destroying things in the house? Do you have a puppy that is still in potty training?

Using our dog walking services will help you with all of the above.

Our walks help your dog get out of the house and go on an “adventure” around the neighborhood. Dogs LOVE their walks! Want to check how much they love walking? Go touch their leash right now and see the reaction you get. They can hardly control the excitement!


Regular exercise is a MUST for dogs as it keeps their minds alert, gives them a sense of purpose, and helps them to burn off excess energy.

Now, rather than having to come home from work and walk your dog on top of everything else you have to do, why not let us do so while you are at work? You won’t feel so guilty when you leave in the morning AND you will come home to a calmer dog.

Go ahead, Give it a try! You won’t regret it.

Benefits of Personalized Pet Sitting:

Pet parents know their pets best and they know for certain that, for their furry kids, there is no place like home! Home is where they see mommy and daddy and their human siblings. Home is where all of their toys are scattered about. Home has all the familiar smells. Home is where they feel safe and loved.

Our furry clients LOVE their visits with us! Our doggie clients bounce up and down with excitement when it is time to go for their walk or get that special treat. Our kitty clients are so happy to curl up on our laps for some TLC time, or to chase their favorite feathered toy or mouse. Many wait by the door in anticipation of our arrival each time! What fun it is to be home and have special visits from their favorite friends!

We come to the place where your babies are at their happiest and we brighten up their day while you are away.

If all of the above were not enough to entrust Pawsitive Strides with the well-being of your pet, we can help save you the time and headache of packing their beds, toys, food, and so on, into your car and transporting them somewhere else for the length of your stay.

Get worry-free pet sitting

When you come home from your vacation, you can just RELAX and enjoy all of the affection that your babies will shower upon you when you walk through the door, instead of having to add one more stop to pick them up (not to mention, your babies might not be the only “pets” you bring home with you; you don’t want to risk fleas, ticks, or worse!).

Our clients always tell us just how happy and relaxed their babies are when they get home. They are not stressed out and, because of our visits and the possibility of staying home, in their safe place, they do not suffer from separation anxiety.

To top it off, many of our furry clients even continue to wait by the door for us AFTER their parents have returned! That just shows how much they enjoyed themselves and the quality time we spent with them. Yes, by choosing to use our professional pet sitting services, you will come home to relaxed, happy, stress-free pets!

Case in point, we received an email from one of our clients and it said, in part,

“Prior to using your service, if I even took a suitcase out of the closet, I had to deal with extreme anxiety-related issues from Bentley & Francie and it was heartbreaking. I would try to hide the suitcase and wait to the last minute to pack so I didn’t stress them out but it still caused them a lot of stress no matter what I did. Now, they actually seem to look FORWARD to my leaving. I think they want me to leave as soon as possible! I know they always look forward to your staff’s visits and I feel so good about that because I know they are happy.”

Yes, choosing our personalized pet sitting service is the best decision for you AND your furry babies!

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