Dogs and cataracts

Do your dog’s eyes appear cloudy? Unfortunately, he may have cataracts. Dogs and cataracts are not simply a condition of old age. Did you know that dogs of any age can develop cataracts?  It’s true; some puppies are even born…
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Dogs and Cancer

Dogs and Cancer Cancer is the most feared illness and rightly so.  Just the mere mention of the word cancer brings about much fear and anxiety.  Just like people, dogs can suffer from cancer too.  In fact, cancer is the…
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Sick kitty

Common Feline Ailments

As  an owner of a cat, you need to be extra vigilant when it comes to the monitoring your pet. You are the first line of defense when it comes to his health. You know your cat’s routines, behaviors, quirks,…
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Herbs for your dog and cat

Herbs are wonderful.  They add some pep to bland dishes and provide us with some very powerful medicinal benefits.  Even better, herbs can work wonders for your pet too.  Herbs serve as an unconventional way to treat some common ailments…
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raw dog food diets

Making Your Own Dog Food

We have often been told that human food for dogs is a huge no-no. However, according to Dr. Khalsa’s book, “Natural Dog”, that is simply not true.  In reality, making your own dog food can be very beneficial to your dog’s overall…
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