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Getting a Cat? Our Complete Checklist for New Cat Owners

Few things are as exciting as getting a new pet – especially when that pet is of the whiskered and willy variety. But adding a new cat to your family requires a bit of planning and preparation so that you’ll be ready to make your new pet feel at home. This article will give you our complete checklist for new cat owners.

Minimally, you’ll want to follow the following six steps to set yourself up for success:

1. Establish a relationship with a veterinarian.

Even if you adopt the world’s healthiest cat, he’ll need preventative care and regular examinations. Accordingly, you’ll want to go ahead and establish a relationship with a convenient, competent and compassionate vet before you even welcome your furry friend into your family. Always be sure to visit your vet within about 48 hours of taking ownership or a new pet; in a best-case scenario, you’d drop by the vet for a preliminary visit on the way home from the shelter or store.

2. Select a high-quality food.

Like all other pets, cats require a nutritious diet to remain healthy and enjoy a high quality of life. There are a variety of good resources available to help you make your choice. Just be sure to consult at least two or three different independent sources before making a selection, and take care to avoid third-party, affiliate-style websites, which profit from their recommendations.

3. Provide your cat with a collar and ID tag.

Although some owners would argue that indoor cats do not require a collar and ID tag, any who’ve had a beloved pet escape would probably encourage their use. A collar and ID tag help people distinguish an escaped pet from a feral cat, and they provide the means to reunite the animal with their owner. It is also a good idea to discuss microchip implants, which can help veterinarians (and some shelters) identify a cat’s owner.

4. Give your cat plenty of things to climb, scratch, chase, and attack.

Cats may sleep for 16 hours a day or more, but most like to exercise their predatory instincts during their waking hours. To help your cat scratch these itches (and help protect your furniture and general domestic harmony), give him plenty of toys and designated destruction-resistant devices, like scratching posts. If you are creative and have some time, you can also consider making your own cat toys. Elevated perches are also a great idea, especially if you already have a pooch for a pet.

5. Figure out your litter-box approach.

Unlike dogs, who typically have to undergo an extensive house-breaking process, most cats will readily use a litter box. But there are several different options available to cat owners, from simple plastic boxes to complicated and automated poop-scooping containers. You’ll need an assortment of tools and supplies for this task, minimally including some type of litter box or pan, the litter of your choice and some type of sifter, to separate waste from clean litter.

6. Plan for those times when you are at work or out of town.

Even the most homebound owners find it necessary to be away from the home from time to time. When this happens, you’ll need to have someone to help care for your pet.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a close neighbor or family member who won’t mind pitching-in in a pinch. But unfortunately, things rarely work out so conveniently. And while your nephew will gladly come over the first two times you need him to help, he may be surprisingly difficult to contact when you call to request help a third time.

At times like this, it can be very helpful to have a familiar pet-care professional at the ready. Sure, it’ll cost you a few bucks to have a professional come by and give your cat the kind of attention and affection he deserves, but most pet parents love the peace of mind provided by these types of services.

If you are in the Orlando area, give your friends at Pawsitive Strides a call (407-970-0903) or drop us an email. We’ll talk over your pet-care options for those times when you need a little help.

Despite the fact that cats often appear rather self-sufficient creatures, they actually need plenty of love and care from their pet parents. Just satisfy the basic checklist above to ensure your cat gets everything he needs and leads a happy life.

We’d love to hear the thoughts of long-term cat owners. What would you recommend new pet parents do to prepare for their new family member? Let us know your thoughts and suggestions in the comments below.





how can hiring a pet sitter make my home more secure

How Can Hiring a Pet Sitter in Orlando Make My Home More Secure?

pet sitter in Orlando

There are many advantages to hiring a pet sitter when you have to travel. One of the advantages is that it can help keep your home more secure. So you may be wondering, how can hiring a pet sitting in Windermere make my home more secure? Let’s consider some of the ways.

Ways a Pet Sitter in Orlando Makes Your Home More Secure

Your Home Looks Occupied

Having someone visit your home frequent times while you are away helps to make your home look occupied. While your pet sitter is there, he or she will park in your driveway, turn lights on and off as needed and so on. All of this helps to make your home look occupied, which, in turn, helps to make your home more secure.

Sitters Pick Up Mail, Newspaper, and Packages

A dead giveaway that someone is not home is a build-up of packages at the front door and newspapers on the driveway. Even when you don’t subscribe to a paper, often people drop off advertisement papers in your driveway. These, if not picked up, can alert someone to the fact that you are away. Having your sitter pick up your mail each day is also a good way to keep your personal information secure. You don’t want it to sit out in your mailbox overnight.

Trash Put Out and Picked Up

Your trash can is put out on trash day (as needed) and brought back up after the trash has been collected. This ensures that your trash bins don’t sit out in your driveway for days on end, alerting others that no one is home. An added bonus is that, in some neighborhoods, there are fines for bins left out overnight. You can avoid these fines by having your sitter pick up the trash bins as needed.

Varied Visit Times

We work with time windows (read why here). This means that your home is not visited at the exact same time each day. The varied time windows make your home look occupied. In addition, most clients schedule two to four visits per day. This means that there is someone coming and going from their home several times a day which is a huge crime deterrent. Clients who only need us once per day can also opt to vary their time window requests so that we are coming at different blocks each day (ex: morning one day, midday the next, etc)

What are some ways your pet sitter keeps your home safe?



choosing the right food for your cat

How to Choose the Right Food for Your Cat

choosing the right food for your cat

Is it important to learn how to choose the right food for your cat? The answer is a resounding yes! It is important for your cat’s health and overall well-being and happiness. So, how do you go about choosing the right food for your cat? There are a lot of factors to consider.

Consider the Needs of Your Cat When Choosing Food

#1 Age

How old is your cat? Depending on his age, his nutritional needs will be different.

Kittens are more active than adult or older cats and therefore need more calories in their diet. Also, they are developing and growing so they need a diet that is high in protein and fat so they can build healthy bones and teeth.

As cats grow into adults, their caloric needs will change since they aren’t as active and are no longer growing and developing. You will want to monitor the caloric intake so that your cat does not become overweight as an adult.

Older cats will need proteins that are easier to digest, and because they are more sedentary, their diet should be lower in fat as well.

#2 Nutritional Requirements

Cats are different from dogs in that they need much more protein than dogs do. Their food should be high in animal-based protein and low on plant-based ingredients. Cats do not tolerate grains as dogs do, so their diet needs to be grain free. Also, cats do best with a diet low in carbohydrates.

According to the, a cat’s natural diet contains the following:

  • 72-78% moisture content
  • 63% protein
  • 23% fat
  • 2.8% carbohydrates

Different Types of Food Choices for Your Cat

There are many choices of food available for your cat and all of them have their pros and cons.

#1 Dry Food

Dry food is easy to use and typically costs less than all other forms of cat food. However, there are a lot of cons to using strictly dry food for your cat. Sometimes, the savings in food may translate into higher costs in health care for your cat later on in life.

Some of the cons of dry food are

  • It is highly processed and typically very high in carbohydrates
  • Dry food oftentimes has non-meat sources of protein which cats do not tolerate well
  • Kibble is very dehydrating for your cat because of the low moisture content

#2 Wet Food

Wet foods have a lot more moisture in them and this helps to keep cats from getting dehydrated. Cats often do not drink enough water and end up developing kidney and urinary tract issues. Therefore, having a food high in moisture content helps to alleviate that problem.

Canned foods also have a lower level of carbohydrates.

Some of the disadvantages of using canned food are

  • It is typically more expensive than dry food
  • It can go bad if left out for more than a few hours
  • Some cats do not enjoy the refrigerated leftovers

#3 Raw Frozen or Freeze Dried Food

Raw food is the closest to a species-appropriate diet for your cat and has many advantages. It is minimally processed and contains natural ingredients. Cats eat less and therefore maintain better weight control. It can also be cheaper than canned food, but, like canned food, it provides a high moisture content. It also contains less carbohydrates than both canned and dry food.

One of the disadvantages of raw food is that it has to be thawed before eating and it cannot be left out for long periods of time. However, with good planning and scheduled feedings, it can be easily adapted to the cat’s lifestyle (and yours!)


How to Choose the Right Food for Your Cat

The best way to choose the right food for your cat is to put all of the information above together.

  • Consider your cat’s age
  • Evaluate your cat’s nutritional needs based on his age and based on a ca’ts nutritional requirements
  • Weight the cost  – remember to consider both present costs (how much the actual food costs) but also future costs (costs you will incur caring for your cat’s health and well-being)

What do you feed your cat?




Do You Do Time-Specific Pet Sitting Visits?

time specific pet sitting visits in Windermere

At PAWSitive Strides, we love to offer our clients flexibility while at the same time keeping up with their pet’s routines. Pets love to be in the comfort of home and they enjoy very much getting visits for playtime and walks when their owners are away. Sometimes clients ask us if we can do a visit at a specific time each day. Rather than working with time-specific pet sitting visits, we work with time windows. In other words, when clients schedule visits with us, they select from a variety of time windows that we have available.

Why We Work with Time Windows Rather than Time-Specific Pet Sitting Visits 

We are in the business of taking care of people’s pets and, most people who own a pet know that, sometimes, they can be unpredictable.

For example, sometimes you can just tell that a dog really needs to go to the bathroom, but he just can’t quite seem to find the right spot. In a case like this, we may spend a few extra minutes to see if we can get the dog to find the perfect spot, so he does not have to hold it until the next visit, or until his owner gets home. Rather than saying, “Oh well, time’s up,” we will go the extra mile for the pet’s well-being.

Pet sitting and dog walking are not an exact science since we are dealing with living beings. Sometimes a kitty may be feeling lonely and need a little extra loving. Or, occasionally, a pet has an accident in the home and we need to clean up. There have been instances when a pet has not felt well and had explosive diarrhea all over the crate. A visit like that is going to take a bit longer than anticipated.

Our clients appreciate that we go above and beyond in our service by handling these unexpected scenarios.

In addition to the pet unpredictability, we deal with other factors we cannot control, such as bad traffic or very long lines to get into gated neighborhoods.

Our time windows also allow us to accommodate some of these unpredictable factors and it also allows us to help clients out as much as possible if they have an emergency and need a last-minute visit scheduled.

What Are Our Time Windows?

Our typical starting time windows are as follows:

Morning – 7 AM to 9 AM

Late morning – 9 AM to 11 AM

Midday – 11 AM to 1 PM

Late midday – 1 PM to 3 PM

Afternoon – 3 PM to 5 PM

Early evening – 4 PM to 6 PM

Evening – 6 PM to 7: 45 PM

We also offer an early-morning time window between 6 AM and 6:45 AM and a late-night time window between 8 PM and 9 PM. Both time windows have an additional surcharge.

Special Circumstances

We do accommodate a one-hour time window with clients who have one of the following special circumstances: an older dog with incontinence, pets who need insulin administration, or very young puppies who are being potty trained.

Clients who do not have these special circumstances can always let us know what their preference is within the above time windows and we always do our very best to accommodate them as well.

 Interested in learning more about our pet sitting or dog walking services? Contact us today!

Will I Have the Same Pet Sitter or Dog Walker Each Time?

same pet sitter or dog walker each time

Sometimes people wonder if they will get the same pet sitter or dog walker each time they go out of town, or the same dog walker every time they need their dog walked.

At PAWSitive Strides, we strive to keep all of our sitters working as a team. This means that every sitter is trained and familiar with the policies and procedures of our company. Every sitter is able to do the job with the same level of care and attention to detail.

Why We Use More than One Sitter

Imagine if your boss said to you that, from now on, you have to work 7 days per week. Not only that, you have to work morning, noon, and night, and that sometimes you will have to spend the night at work as well. How would you feel about doing that job? Would it be something you would look forward to doing? In addition, as you went on working without much of a break, what would happen to the quality of your work?

Even though we work with pets, the same reasoning applies to pet sitters and dog walkers. They need consistent days off and they need to be able to spend time with friends and family each day. They need time to do all of the things you like to do when you are off from work.

For our pet sitters to have days off, we must use more than one pet sitter per client.

Thus, even though it is not the standard of the industry, we have our sitters enjoy consistent days off each week. We also work our sitters in two shifts so that they have part of their time each working day to eat with their families, run errands, or just unwind.

We have seen that this keeps the quality and level of service high since sitters have the appropriate time needed to rest and recharge.

Why Our Clients Love that We Work as a Team

This is something that our clients have come to love because they know they will receive the same level of care no matter which sitter or walker takes care of their pet.

In addition, our clients rest easy knowing they can count on us when they need care for their pet. They are not depending on just one person, but they have a team of highly qualified and dedicated sitters at their service. They are not left in a bind if there is an emergency with a sitter, if someone gets sick, or must take a vacation. There is always someone else to take care of the pet.

One of our clients, Marysa Sobral, in Windermere, had the following to say about our team of sitters: “All of the sitters we’ve used from Pawsitive Strides have been wonderful! Our kitties are very well taken care of and our house is in perfect order when we return home.”

Another client, Kris Dhanani, in Orlando, said, “Your service is a Godsend for us! We know that our dogs are in good hands when we are away. We would never leave them before we found you. No improvements needed! All of your sitters have been awesome!”

Interested in getting our team of sitters to work for you? Contact us today!

Need Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Orlando and Windermere

Why Choose PAWSitive Strides When You Need Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Orlando and Windermere

Need Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Orlando and WindermereThere are many choices out there when it comes to providing care for your pet. So, why should you choose PAWSitive Strides when you need dog walking and pet sitting in Orlando and Windermere?

Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a person or company to take care of your precious pet is reliability. You need to know that the people who are going to be responsible for your pet while you are away are actually going to do their job.

At PAWSitive Strides, we often get calls from people who are desperately looking for service at the last minute. Their friend, the teenager next door, or even their pet sitting company, bailed on them at the last minute. We got such a call just this week. We were able to accommodate the client and are currently taking care of her sweet dog while she is visiting family in another state.

When you schedule visits and need to be away, you have to be confident that those you have left in charge of your precious pet will follow through. What happens if you have already left for your vacation and the person who was supposed to look after your pet suddenly cannot?

Three Components of Our Service That Make Us Reliable

At PAWSitive Strides, our goal is to provide our clients with reliable, dependable, and stress-free service. We are able to this in many ways:

  • Online System

Our customers use our online system to schedule visits. We do not accept reservations by email, phone call, or text message so that nothing is missed. All of the visits are scheduled by our clients directly in our online system.

Also, clients receive an email confirmation of the visits they have scheduled so that the can look everything over and make sure it is correct.

The online system also serves the purpose of ensuring that no visit gets missed. If a sitter has not checked into the visit during the requested time window, our office manager receives an alert from our online system. The office manager will then immediately contact the sitter. If unable to contact the sitter, the office manager will send out another sitter to the visit, so the pet is not left without a visit.

  • A Team of Sitters

Having a team of sitters allows us to provide our clients with consistent and reliable service, even when there are emergencies. Our clients do not depend on just one person, but rather, they have a team of people at their service. This means that, if a sitter has an emergency, our clients are not left without someone to watch their pet. Instead, someone else from the team will cover the visits. Thus, our clients do not have to make panicked, last-minute phone calls to friends, family, neighbors, and others to try to find coverage because the sitter they were counting on got sick, had a change of plans, or something else.

  • An Office Team

We have sitters working out in the field to take care of our clients’ pets. In addition, we have an office team monitoring all visits for completion, processing client’s schedule request, monitoring the phones after-hours for any emergencies, and answering client’s questions. This allows our clients to be able to leave town with a sense of security. Our clients are confident that they have a team of people invested in the well-being of their precious pet while they are away from home.


Another crucial factor when deciding on pet care options is trust. Trust is important not only for those coming into your home but even if using a pet boarding facility. You need to be confident that the people looking out for your pet really will do the best job possible. In addition, you need to feel that they have the best interests of your pet at heart.

If your pet care provider is coming into your home, you have to trust this person will treat your home and your pet with care and respect.

At PAWSitive Strides, our sitters a selected after a very careful and rigorous interview process. We have our candidates go through quite a few “hoops” before their first screening interview. Also, we do a total of three interviews before deciding whether or not to hire a candidate.

Once we have decided on a candidate, they must submit to a background check, and we likewise check their references. After that, the candidates go through orientation and a training process to ensure that they will do the best job possible in caring for our clients’ precious pets.

Also, anyone working for PAWSitive Strides is an employee rather than an independent contractor. This means that our sitters follow our standard of pet care, not their own. They are trained and coached as needed. Also, should one of our pet sitters get hurt in your home, we provide worker’s compensation insurance, giving you an added level of protection.

Often, pet parents trust that the person or company they are using to care for their pets is insured and bonded. Unfortunately, most pet parents do not have the time to do all of the necessary research. Many fail to realize that, if someone gets hurt in their home, the cost to them can end up being astronomical. Read more about this here.


Life is hectic, and people do not have time to wait for regular office hours.

At PAWSitive Strides we have an online system that is available to our clients 24 hours per day. This means that they can schedule their visits when it is most convenient to them.


Depending on someone else’s calendar of availability in order to be able to travel or work long hours is difficult. It is much easier if you choose a pet care provider that is available to you 365 days per year. One person alone cannot do this. It is not feasible or even realistic to expect one person to be available to care for pets 365 days per year. People get sick, have emergencies, need time off.

At PAWSitive Strides, as mentioned before, our clients have a team of sitters working for them. This means that they can schedule as needed, even at the last minute, and we typically have a sitter available to them.

Having a team of sitters at their service allows our clients to cope with the emergencies that happen in their daily life without having to stress about the care of their pet.

Wondering if PAWSitive Strides is the right company for your pet sitting or dog walking needs in Dr. Phillips, Metrowest, Windermere, or Winter Garden? Contact us today, and one of our office managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Who Are Our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Orlando and Windermere?

pet sitters and dog walkers in orlando and windermere

Who are the PAWSitive Strides pet sitters and dog walkers in Orlando and Windermere?

At PAWSitive Strides, we use a team of pet sitters to better serve our clients. It is only natural to wonder who are our pet sitters and dog walkers in Orlando and Windermere areas and how we go about selecting the perfect sitters for our clients.

Why a Team of Sitters Is Important

First, let us take a look at a few of the reasons that hiring a company with a team of sitters to work for you is important.

  • Emergencies happen

As much as we would like to control everything that could possibly go wrong in our lives, emergencies sometimes happen. This goes both ways: emergencies can happen to the client, and emergencies can happen to the sitters taking care of their pets. Either way, having a team of sitters can make dealing with emergencies a much easier and smoother process.

For instance, when emergencies happen to our clients, we are typically better equipped to take on last-minute visits since we have a team of sitters available to each of our clients.

When emergencies happen to the sitters, we can continue service for our clients without any interruption. This would not happen if our clients were depending on just one person.

  • Burnout

While pet sitting is a wonderful and fulfilling job, it is hard work and everyone needs a break. Our sitters are refreshed for their visits with client’s pets each week because they have time off during the week and because they work in shifts. This allows them to devote close attention to each pet they care for since they have been able to recharge their batteries during their time off.

How We Choose Our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in the Orlando and Windermere Areas

For the safety of our clients, we at PAWSitive Strides, hire very, very carefully.

We do a rigorous and thorough interview process and do not hire someone just because they like animals. We look for things such as, are they dependable, punctual, and personable? Have they shown themselves prompt and thorough during the interview process? Are they positive and engaging?

In addition, we do a thorough background check and also a reference check. Many people think that you can trust your instinct and skip the background check process when hiring someone but this is just not the case. The background check is a crucial part of the hiring process.

The PAWSitive Strides Screening Process:

  1. Initial screening interview and survey
  2. 2nd face-to-face interview
  3. Final face-to-face interview with both partners
  4. Full criminal background check
  5. Contacting of all professional references
  6. Sitter orientation and testing
  7. 90-day trial period coupled with ongoing evaluations to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied and that the sitter is living up to the PAWSitive Strides standards of care and code of ethics
  8. Unannounced quality control visits
  9. Some time after completion of trial period, sitters are trained in Pet CPR and First aid

Curious about our sitters?

Want to see the faces behind the PAWSitive Strides name? Meet our sitters here:

How Often Should Someone Visit My Pet Each Day?

How Many Times a Day Does Someone Need to Visit My Pet

People often ask us, “How often should someone visit my pet each day?” It can sometimes be difficult to figure out exactly how many pet sitting visits per day you need for your pet. Are two visits enough? Should you do three visits per day? How do you decide? Let us consider a few factors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Number of Pet Sitting Visits Each Day

#1 Does your pet have access to the outside?

Some dogs have a doggie door and can go outside to go potty as needed. In an instance like this, they may only need one visit per day. This depends, of course, on how often they are usually fed (see #2).

If a dog does not have access to the outdoors, the minimum number of visits he should have each day is two. Two visits per day allow the dog to get a bathroom break approximately every 10 to 12 hours.

For many dogs, that is enough. For other dogs, though, three visits per day may be a better fit. In this way, the dog can go out for a nice walk in the morning, in the middle of the day, and again before bedtime.

Cats do not need the outside access because they have litter boxes. Therefore, other factors must be taken into consideration when choosing the number of visits required for them. However, a minimum of one visit per day is essential for the health and well-being of your cat. Read more about it here.

#2 How many times per day do you feed your pet?

Does your pet eat once per day, twice per day, three times per day? Alternatively, does your pet have a self-feeder? Some pet parents even have feeders on timers. The number of times your pet eats per day can help to determine how many visits to schedule each day.

#3 How old is your pet?

Taking your pet’s age into consideration is of particular importance in the case of dogs who do not have free access to the outside. If your dog is older, he may have difficulty holding it if he only gets two visits per day. He may, instead, need three or even four visits in a day.

The same goes for a puppy. The number of visits the puppy will need each day depends on how long he can hold it without having any accidents.

#4 Is your pet crated?

A crated dog that only gets two visits per day will be spending approximately 23 hours of his time in a crate. For that reason, at PAWSitive Strides, we have a minimum requirement of three visits per day for dogs crated while the owners are not home.

Some people crate their dogs only overnight and, in those cases, two visits per day may work quite well for them.

#5 Is your pet on medication?

If your pet is taking medication, you will need to consider how often the medication needs to be administered. If it is once per day and you have a cat, then one visit per day will suffice. However, if you have that same cat but he gets medication twice per day, you will need two visits per day to ensure proper administration of the medicine.

#6 How social is your pet?

Some cats prefer to stay as far away from people as possible. Others love to follow someone around and rub against their legs, purring away. For the friendlier cats, scheduling two visits per day may be a good idea. As an alternative, scheduling longer visits (such as 40-45 minutes) once per day may help fulfill their need for company. On the other hand, the cats who prefer to stay away from people will be perfectly happy with one visit per day.

With dogs, it is important to consider if they have separation anxiety. If they do, it is best to have a minimum of three to four visits per day or even to consider doing overnights, so that have someone spending the night with them while their owner is gone.

Want to talk to someone and find out what would be the right fit for your and your pet? Give us a call at 407-970-0903 or contact us here.

What Does a Pet Sitting Service in Windermere Do?

pet sitting in Windermere

When pet parents have to travel, they have a few different options to consider regarding arranging care for their pet. There is pet boarding, boarding at the vet, leaving with a friend, and there is pet sitting. Using pet sitting in Windermere is an option. However, what exactly does a pet sitting service do?

What Does a Pet Sitter Do?

Unlike dog boarding or boarding your pet at the vet, a pet sitter comes to you and takes care of your pet in your home. A pet sitter should keep your pet’s normal routines in place and allow your pet to stay in the comfort of your home. For instance, at PAWSitive Strides, our goal is to have our pet sitters follow your routines as closely as possible, to provide comfort and care for your pet while you are away from home.

Some of the Things a Pet Sitter Does

Here are some of the many things a pet sitter can do on a visit with your pet:


Walking dogs (and sometimes cats!)

Cleaning litter boxes

Changing out wee wee pads

Playing with your pets

Giving fresh water each visit

Turning lights on and off

Watering plants

Opening and closing blinds

Picking up mail/newspaper/packages

Taking trash out/bringing trash bins in

And other things that you may have in your routine with your fur baby

Benefits of Using a Pet Sitting Service in Windermere

What are some of the advantages of using a pet sitting service?

  1. Convenience

Rather than having to transport your pet to a kennel or boarding facility, you just have to worry about packing your bags and scheduling the visits in our online system. That is it. For many, that saves much time and extra effort with all of the planning that already you already have to do when going on a trip.

  1. Less Stress for Your Pet

Depending on your pet, it may be a lot less stressful for him to stay at home than to go to a kennel. For cats, especially, it can be tough to spend time in a boarding facility. Most pets are creatures of habit and draw their security from being home in a familiar environment with familiar routines. Being home creates in them a sense of safety and well-being, even if their owner is away.

Here are what some clients who used pet boarding services before using our pet sitting services have to say:

“It is so much better than boarding our babies, which always stressed both them and us.”

“I want to thank you for taking such good care of Sassy. She was so relaxed when I got in last night, a stark contrast to the stressed demeanor she exhibits when I pick her up from a few days at the kennel. The photos you took are darling, and getting a brief note from you daily just to say she was well really made a big difference to me. I did not worry about her in the least, and usually, I do when she has to go to the kennel.”

So, for many pet parents, pet sitting is the way to go.

  1. Home Security

In addition to keeping your pet relaxed, pet sitting also serves the purpose of helping to keep your home secure. Having frequent activity in your home while you are away contributes to keeping your home looking occupied. Cars will be in and out of your driveway, lights will be turned on and off, your empty trash bin will be promptly picked up, and so on.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Pet Sitting Service

When choosing the right company to take care of your precious pet, there are many factors that you need to take into account. Be sure to do lots of research and find out the following:

  • Is the company insured and bonded?
  • What happens if someone gets hurt in your home?
  • Is the company you are hiring a professional company?
  • Does the company provide references?
  • Does the company have an online presence?
  • Who are the sitters that work for the company and what is the hiring process?
  • Does the company perform background checks on all of its sitters?
  • How long will the visits be and what do they include?

How Can PAWSitive Strides Help You?

Are you going to be traveling soon? Do you need extra help with your pets on days that you have to work longer hours? Contact us today to get a personalized pet care plan to help care for your pet when you are not able to do so.

every other day cat visits

Why We Do Not Do Every Other Day Cat Visits

every other day cat sitting visits

Many times clients want to have visits for their cats, but they wish only to have us do every other day cat sitting visits or even to visit their cat every three days. When we first started out in business, we would do visits for cats whenever clients requested them and had no minimum requirements. However, experience has taught us differently that there is a need for a minimum of one daily visit. Therefore, for the cat’s safety and well-being, PAWSitive Strides does not do every other day cat visits.

Why We Don’t Do Every Other Day Cat Visits

We have a client who uses us whenever she goes out of town to take care of her sweet kitty, Lucky. When she first started using our services, on our very first set of visits with Lucky, we ran into a problem. Lucky’s owner left two ribbons out for her to play with and, unfortunately, Lucky ended up eating one of them. Fortunately, this client has us visit her cat twice per day. We were able to see right away that Lucky was not well. She was taken to the vet immediately and had emergency surgery.

The vet said that it is common for cats to swallow things they are not supposed to, more common than people think. Especially with string, when a cat starts to eat it, because of the design of the tongue, it cannot spit it back out. The cat will swallow the entire string and be unable to stop.

A big factor in determining whether a cat will survive gastrointestinal blockage from a foreign object is how long the object has been causing the obstruction. In Lucky’s case, she lived up to her name and, because her owner had visits twice per day, she got the help she needed right away. Imagine, though, if she had only had one visit every two or three days. She may not have survived the ordeal.

From this, we learned to always do a minimum of one visit per day. In this manner, we can catch any health problems or other issues early. We also learned that you should never leave string out for a cat to play with unsupervised. It is best to put all toys away once done playing with your cat.

Why You Need A Cat Sitter Every Day

  • Cat may dump the water bowl and run out of water
  • Cat may get himself locked into a room (we have had a couple of clients tell us this happens to their cats sometimes)
  • Is food on an auto-feeder? What if it malfunctions?
  • AC or other home malfunction
  • Cat may refuse to use to dirty litter and choose to start soiling elsewhere in the home

Therefore, even though having every other day cat visits (or a visit every three days) may sound like a good idea to save money, it could end up costing a lot more in the long run, if something goes wrong.

At PAWSitive Strides, our goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind while they are away. We also wish to take care of our furry clients as if they were our babies. Taking both of those things into account, we make sure that we visit our feline clients at least once per day. This ensures their safety and well-being, which, in turn, provides our customers with peace of mind. Moreover, we can rest easier each night knowing that all of the pets under our care are doing well.

Have questions about using a cat sitter? We would love to hear from you! Contact us today!