Common Feline Ailments

As  an owner of a cat, you need to be extra vigilant when it comes to the monitoring your pet. You are the first line of defense when it comes to his health. You know your cat’s routines, behaviors, quirks, and personality. There are many diseases and illnesses that affect cats. Some are far less obvious than we think and can cause some major trouble for your cat, especially if neglected. In this article, we will discuss some common feline ailments to keep an eye on. 

Common Feline Ailments

Cat Fleas

They are pests, yes. But did you know they can lead to some major health problems for your cat? Some cats are highly allergic to fleas and a bite can really create a bad situation for the pet. Look out for:

Flea debris on its skin (they look like tiny pepper flakes)
Continual scratching
Loss of hair
Excessive licking beyond their normal grooming
Signs of skin irritations from redness, flaking or dry
Skin infections or hot spots

Cat Eye Problems

Who would think eye trouble could be such an issue? Well, they could signal infection, malnutrition, diabetes, trauma and even cataract trouble. If you see anything along these lines, take your cat to the vet:

Wiping eyes or rubbing the face against objects
Strange coloring on eyelids
Watery eyes or tear stains
Gunk in the corners of the eye or discharge

Cat Vomiting

No, it’s not normal and not something you should brush off as an upset tummy. In some cases, yes, it could be a simple case of something not agreeing with your kitty cat’s stomach but, nonetheless, cats have very, very sensitive digestive systems. They may have ingested a piece of a toy or bad food or have diabetes. If you see any signs of this common cat ailment it is best not to chance it, get to the vet.

Your cat cannot tell you if it feels sick so it is important that you know her well. If you notice any behavior that is out of the ordinary, be sure to monitor the behavior and contact your vet should it persist or get worse. Sometimes, catching a disease early can mean the difference between life and death for your cat. 

Common Feline Ailments

Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy

In addition to monitoring your cat, be sure to keep your cat healthy and happy. It is better to keep your cat from getting sick than to try to fix a problem later on.

  • Have plenty of fresh water available for your cat to drink. Cats do not like to drink water that has been sitting out for a while. Be sure to change your cat’s water at least once per day, or more often if possible.
  • Give your cat healthy food. Because cats have a very sensitive digestive system, do your research and give your cat food that will not upset his system.
  • Contact your vet about probiotics. These often help with digestive issues and can prevent a problem from developing.
  • Exercise and entertain your cat. A sedentary life is not good for anyone, and that includes your cat. Exercise your cat by playing with him. This serves a dual purpose of keeping him active and also entertaining him. Boredom and inactivity can lead to depression and disease. Read this article for some ideas of inexpensive toys you can make for your cat.

Your cat depends on you for everything, so it is important that you ensure he has a high quality of life by monitoring his health and keeping him active and happy.

What things do you do to help keep your cat happy?