Cost of Dog Walking in Windermere

You may be wondering what is the cost of dog walking in Windermere. The answer to that questions is going to depend on whom you choose to walk your dog.

Options for Dog Walking in Windermere

There are many options for dog walking, ranging from using the kid next door to using a professional dog walking service. The cost, too, will vary depending on the option you select. What are some of the factors that will affect the cost of dog walking?


One of the biggest factors that affects the cost of dog walking options is insurance (or lack thereof). When using the kid next door, a friend, or relative to walk your dog, typically, that person will not have insurance. Therefore, he or she can afford to charge much less for walking the dog.

There can be a difference even among professional dog walking companies in the type and amount of insurance offered. For instance, some companies use independent contractors, while others, like PAWSitive Strides, use employees. This means that, at PAWSitive Strides, we have worker’s compensation insurance, in addition to our liability and bonding.

Therefore, when deciding which option to use for walking your dog, be sure to consider things carefully. You can read more about the importance of insurance and bonding here.

Flexibility and Availability

When using a neighbor, friend, or relative, you may not get as much flexibility as you would like, since you depend on just the one person to walk your dog. That person has to work around an existing schedule of school, another job, and so on. Therefore, he may be limited in the flexibility and availability he can offer.

On the other hand, if you decide to hire a professional dog walking service, you have more options regarding flexibility and availability. Typically, when a dog walking service has a team of dog walkers, flexibility is great, and they can typically accommodate even last-minute visit requests. Also, availability is also greater, as you do not depend on just one person with a set schedule.

Cost of Dog Walking in Windermere

The total cost of a dog walking visit with PAWSitive Strides will depend on factors such as how many dogs you will want us to walk and the length of time of the walk. Most clients choose a 25-3o minute visit for their dog walking, and that starts at $23. We do offer longer visits and shorter ones as well.

And, for that rate, you are getting much more than just a dog walk. Read more about that here.

What to get a quote tailored specifically to your needs and those of your dog? Contact us here or fill out or Request a Quote form. We look forward to hearing from you!




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