oliver-fosterWow, my fiance and I couldn’t be happier with this service. When we first learned that we would be going out of town for a wedding for 5 days, we were extremely nervous about our dog. Our dog, Oliver, is a rescue dog who does not do well in a setting with a bunch of barking dogs and needs special attention and care. We knew we needed to find a way where he could stay home and be in his own setting while we were away. We discover PAWSitive Strides and from the second we contacted them we knew we made the correct choice. Their professional and responsive team had the ball rolling immediately and I was set up with a consultation. The consultation is where I knew PAWSitive Strides was going to be our go-to service for every time we need to go out of town. They listened to EVERY request I made about Oliver and they asked questions, they cared. While we were gone, they sent pictures of our sweet boy and messages describing their playtime. It was so comforting not only knowing my dog was is amazing hands, but so was my apartment. Oliver was not at all skittish or nervous when we got home, even he knew mom and dad hooked him up with some awesome pet sitters. I cannot say enough about how great this service is, I am just so grateful for them. Thank You So Much PAWSitive Strides =]

I have been very satisfied with Pawsitive Strides since I’ve started using them for three weeks. They always arrive within their allotted time frame. They record their visit and keep my dog happy. They provide the care I want for my family. I highly recommend their services it is a true value.

PAWSitive Strides takes good care of my numerous pets, providing ease of mind when I’m away on business & personal travel.

Belle RossumOscar RossumWonderful attentive service. Best sitting service we have used for our dogs.

PAWSitive Strides delivers the highest quality care for pets. We have been using them for almost four years to care for our cat. Belle, is a senior cat (19 years old), and I feel comfortable leaving her in the hands of Caroline and her team. They always go above and beyond to send positive text messages and leave detailed notes about their visits with Belle. I also like how they check on the house and take care of small tasks while we’re away. Thank you for taking care of a part of our family when we have to be away from her.

Wonderful service! So happy I found this company to take care of my cats when we are out of town.

Frisco & Max HymelZulu HymelPAWSitive Strides has made my return to the working world so much less stressful. Knowing our dogs are being well cared for in our absence is such a comfort. Everything about PAWSitive Strides is wonderful and I highly recommend their service to anyone needing pet care!

Sookie JonesStella JonesAbsolutely love everything about PAWSitive Strides! I feel 100% comfortable leaving my pets in their care. I love the updates and pictures and my dogs are always happy and well taken care of when I return home. Thank you for the fantastic service!

Khalil VasquezI am extremely grateful for the service provided for my cat, Khalil! Caroline made the process very simple, and I could tell she was very genuine and sincere about animal care. She would text me after every visit, and I felt at ease knowing he was well taken care of.

DivaExcellent, consistent service. Diva was very well cared for. Loved receiving the daily updates on her care.

Max Murray Puckett Tux Puckett

Sam has been the pet sitter for my cats for the last three services. He has provided daily updates via text, and he left detailed notes for me at home. I appreciate the attention to detail that Sam has provided and the daily updates as well.

I arrived home later than I had anticipated on my scheduled return date. I received a text message in the early evening from PAWSitive Strides asking if everything was okay since I had not confirmed that I had returned. That is a great service, and makes me feel confident that my pets would be taken care of should there be some unanticipated emergency.

Thank you PAWSitive Strides.

This company and all of it’s employees are amazing. I am so happy that we discovered them. We will definitely be using them again in the future.

You always provide outstanding service! When we are away we know our pets are in good hands.

ScoobyWhen we got a puppy we had a hard time spacing work and life around to make sure he was getting the proper care, but with the care of the sitters during those busy times I know he is taken care of and always has a great time!


Houdini PrimColeI am a busy working professional and sometimes my hours are such that I cannot spend as much time with my furbabies as they deserve. I’m so glad that I found PAWsitive Strides and have them available for the extra help. They always provide love and smiles for my pets. PAWsitive Strides gives me great peace of mind during these trips always keeping me informed and my furbabies happy and well cared for. I wouldn’t use anyone else!

Milo OtisThis was the first time that I used your service and I was delighted in every way. Not only did I get text reports at each visit, I also got many pictures that showed just how much fun and how well cared for my cats were. It gives me tremendous peace of mind to know that my babies are being cared for so lovingly when I have to leave them. First time client but I will definitely use you again and again! Thank you for the great care!

Brizzy Jamison The staff and sitters do an amazing job and I would not change a thing. Thank you!


Toby AliceaWe have been using the services of PAWSitive Strides for some time now. I leave my home knowing that Toby’s needs are being met when we get home. They accomadate the needs of our dog and go above and beyond to help use feel comfortable while we are away for the day. I am grateful knowing I have their services available anytime we need them. Thank you for making us feel comfortable leaving our dog in your care!!

LukePrincess We feel that our dogs are our family, and only want the best care for them. We have used PAWSitive Strides to walk and take care of both our dogs, Luke and Princess. They treat our dogs just like we would, and Luke and Princess just love it when they come over. We have used them on a daily and weekly basis, and they have always been very thorough leaving us notes every time.
On our most recent international trip, the staff was great! They kept in touch with us via email everyday. We were so concerned about them, since we had never left them for that long. Both dogs did great, and were both very happy when we got back home. Thanks to PAWSitive Strides for always taking great care of our fur kids!

Brady & Remy BerryPAWSitive Strides has always provided quality service and lots of TLC for our “boys”. They absolutely love their pet sitters and I love the fact that I am notified of their arrival , the care provided during their stay and their departure time. PAWSitive Strides is the Best!!!

Jack and Jill GarciaI have had only positive experiences with PAWSitive Strides and my kitties, Jack and Jill really love the kind, attentive staff that takes care of them while I’m out of town.


LucyMy pet was well cared for and I felt really good knowing she was in safe hands.

While my daughter was hospitalized, I had to arrange long distance for the ongoing care of her two pets. PAWSitive Strides did a terrific job carrying for her cats. I received daily email communications on each sitter’s visit which made me very comfortable that they were receiving proper care. What a bonus when I was not able to be there.

Olive Smith Penelope SmithExcellent service and care given to my two little girls! They were beyond happy! It eases my mind knowing I now have someone I can rely upon to take care of them when I have to leave for a few days! Thank you!!!

Lexy - fur clientHaley - fur clientProfessional and caring. My pets were happy and well cared for. The pet sitters were awesome. They sent me updates and even pictures! I will definitely recommend PAWSitive Strides and use them again.

Zoe - dog walkingTraveling for work and pleasure often sadly keeps our beloved dog Zoe home. We are so grateful to have found PAWSitive Strides to care for our family member while we are away. Zoe is well cared for and we have peace of mind knowing she is being loved by the PAWSitive Strides team as much as we love her. The PAWSitive Strides team is so professional in every interaction-I highly recommend using them to anyone, you will not regret it.

Vazquez pets 2015We’d like to commend Julia Jones and the rest of your staff at PAWSitive Strides for your wonderful care and flexibility this week!

The day before we left on our cruise, our air conditioning died; the repair required a part that had to be ordered and the a/c had to be turned off to avoid further damage.  As you know, Orlando has had record heat this week.  We had already made arrangements with our neighbor/friends to meet the a/c repairman the next day; however, the next day’s part installation turned into discovery that a larger piece was needed that was not in-stock.  Our friends let our dog stay with them, and Julia was appropriately concerned/stressed but worked with our neighbor (who we obviously trust with a key to our home) with the arrangements.  She relocated the litter box for our cats downstairs since upstairs was unbearably hot.  The a/c was off all week, and was not repaired until late Friday afternoon after we returned home.  And you even reduced the price of our visits since the dog no longer needed to be walked.

We truly appreciate your wise decisions and efforts while caring for our pets while we were unable to be contacted; we trust PAWSitive Strides and will highly recommend you to our friends!

Ash OescherPAWSitive Strides takes care of your family pets like they are one of their own. Caroline and her team go beyond to make sure your wishes for your pet and home are met at the highest expectations and give you peace of mind that all is well while you are away.

Claire I was living in Orlando for a short term assignment for work. My shifts are long and I wanted to have someone walk my dog halfway through my shift. Alex and Melissa left me a note and sent me a text everyday which made it so much easier to get through the day knowing she was ok. I was very satisfied with Pawsitive Strides and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for pet care.

We have never used a Pet Sitting Service before and our baby – Charlee the cat – is one supper, spoiled love of my husband’s life. Of course, I love her too, but nothing is too good for Charlee from his point of view. He never tells her ‘no’, just says ‘Daddy is disappointed, so stop it’, to whatever is not appropriate. Well, after having Pawsitive Strides Pet Sitting service for day checks and overnight stays, one of the first things he said after we returned home – “Well, lets see when we can go again and set it up with Pawsitive Strides.” If they can please this nervous, overprotective pussy cat daddy- they can do wonders for you! Very, very satisfied and happy with the total service package! Will definitely use them again!

Reilly HuntTriumph Hunt

PAWSitive Strides is a highly reliable and trustworthy service. My dogs adore their dog walker, Erin. She is fantastic with them.

My kitties love their sitter! I never have to worry about my babies.

Sushi & TsunamiConsistent great services! Our cats are fairly shy, yet they love Pawsitive Strides sitters, as is evidenced by the great photos and texts I receive each day! With Pawsitive Strides, we never have to worry when we are gone for short or extended trips. I receive a communication daily letting me know our “kids” are being well taken care of. Scheduling is easy and is 100% accurate and delivered against. I highly recommend them! Thank you!!!

Turbo Holubek Tiger HolubekGreat service! Getting your emails about my cats while I was away put me at ease knowing they were happy and well taken care of! My cats seem to like your pet sitters! Thank you!

Max Puckett Murray PuckettI have been a client on several occasions for over a year now. I am very pleased with the email updates after each pet care visit, the written Pet Visit Notes that are left for me that detail each visit, and the Quality Control Visits that are conducted by the owner Caroline. Thank you for taking good care of my cats!

Bella & BaileyPawsitive Strides is the Best!! We are always very happy with the care given to our kitties when we are away!! We have a cat with kidney issues so she needs special food and medicine so it’s nice to receive updates and pictures to make you feel at ease. Thank you for being there !!

Johnny HannumFrankie HannumUpdated review: My husband and I travel often and absolutely love the quality of care that Pawsitive Strides provides. They are trustworthy, reliable, and very caring. We don’t know what we’d do without them!!

1st review: My two orange tabbies were very happy to be in the care of loving, friendly, and attentive team while we were away for the weekend! I love the text updates and knowing they were in good hands.

TiramisuMarzIt hasn’t even been a year but I am completely satisfied with Pawsitive Strides service. Caroline has a great system and trains her sitters fantastically! I would recommend her company to anyone!

BlancaI am very particular about who I let in my home and even more cautious about who I let watch my Jack Russell Terrier mix. She is very special to us and doesn’t do well with other dogs. So when it came to finding a sitter for a holiday weekend, Pawsitive Strides was quick to respond and very thorough. They gave me peace of mind that while I was away she would be well taken care of. They exceeded my expectations! Alex and Lynn were excellent! I will definitely use the service again.

Cinderella-Testimonial-150x150I’m really impressed with PAWSitive Strides and would highly recommend! Everyone has been courteous, professional,Cinderella and caring. Gillian took great care of Cinderella and left feedback along with daily text! Sooo appreciative to have someone I can trust to take care of my sweet girl!

I spent a lot of time looking for just the right people to trust with my mini-doxies, Snickers and Timmy. These little guys are my family and ensuring they are well taken care of is number one priority. From the first interaction with Pawsitive Strides I felt comfortable with my decision. I love the little notes I have when I get home that tell me how they did. It’s comforting knowing they are getting the same level of love and attention when I am not there as when I am! Thank you!

We have used PAWSitive Strides for several years and everything has always gone very well.Buddy Louie Novak Our cats seem very happy when we come home and we feel very confident with the pet sitters’ care that we don’t have to worry about them while we are away.

We have used PAWSitive Strides for our pet sitting service a couple of times now. They consistently go above and beyond to make sure our three cats receive excellent care while we are gone. The text messages and pictures they send take care of any worries we might have about our ”babies” so we can relax and enjoy our time away. We would not consider using any other service!

Charlie-Morrison-150x150It is so nice to know that I can leave Charley at my house while I travel and PAWSitive Strides will take excellent care of Charley! It is so much easier for him to stay at home than to go to a kennel. Stephanie always leaves great notes and texts me when she leaves to let me know he is fine. Thank you for the wonderful service and giving Charley so much love & attention!

Simon-150x150After having my cat become ill while having him cared for outside of the home, I looked for an in-home option and found PAWSitive Strides. I knew when I met Caroline and Paula that I had found the right individuals to care for my pet. They are very attentive to both my cat’s needs and to my own by keeping me informed as to how he is doing, taking in the paper, mail, etc. They were a true find and I can’t recommend them highly enough.

2010.01.07.0108-0981-e1368636899532-150x150I’m very happy with PAWSitive Strides. Caroline & all her staff are amazing and my favorite part is that they all spoil my babies Bailey and Sabina rotten! Recently I had a situation with one of my babies and Caroline helped and walked me through it and was very supportive. Highly recommend them!

Pawsitive Strides does a great job of caring for our pets… highly recommended!

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Awesome job as usual. Been using PAWSitive Strides for several years and the fur-kids are always well taken care of, as well as all the peripherals – watering plants (and we have a bunch of them), bringing in boxes and mail, turning on/off lights. Would highly recommend (and have, to several friends).

Rosens-150x150We use PAWSitive Strides every weekday and on vacations, and we can’t say enough good things about them. Caroline, Lynn and Stephanie are incredible! We feel 100% at ease while they are with our four dogs. Not only do they walk them, but they reinforce training and spoil them with the same amount of love and attention we do! We’re given email updates daily and they attach pictures while we’re on vacation–they ALWAYS go above and beyond for us and the dogs. We’re happy to say we’ll be PS clients for life!

Eli D'LugoCleo-DLugo-e1367006340788-150x150Pebbles-DLugo-150x150Tiger-DLugo-e1367006598261-150x150
PAWSitive Strides is the best pet sitting service I have ever used. They are caring and concerned about my pets. They visit the home when they say they will CleoTigerPebbles Eli and let us know how everything is going. The house is always perfect when we get home, and sometimes I think it is in better shape than when we left? The excellent care and constant updates makes anytime we are away from less stressful for us and our cats. I would recommend PAWSitive Strides to anybody with pet sitting needs.

Tyson-and-Jimmy-e1364913625727-150x112 (1)PAWSitive Strides has been a blessing to my family. I have lived many places and have had several pet sitters, but Lynn is by far the best. I trust her completely with my two doggie sons: Tyson and Jimmy. I’m at complete peace knowing that they are comfortable and well taken care of while I’m away. Many thanks to the best pet sitters!

My-dog-Tiger-150x150What can I say about Pawsitive Strides….You are all amazing and have been since the day you all started taking care of our dear dog Tiger. I have never been so happy of having such great people going above and beyond to take care of our dog and to make us not have to worry one moment. I would recommend you and have already to anyone who asks for a pet sitter. You are all the best!!! Thanks for all you do for Tiger, he appreciates it too.

lucky-150x150Pawsitive Strides has been our choice to take care of our cat, Lucky,many times now and the caregivers have been excellent and very caring.
I highly recommend them.

PAWSitive Strides has been such a blessing to our family and our “children!” Our two pugs and one puggle absolutely adore their caretakers and it makes my husband and I feel so much better when we leave knowing they are in such capable and caring hands. We get text message updates (along with the best candid photos) and detailed notes as to what went on in our absence. It is so much better than boarding our babies, which always stressed both them and us. We are so lucky to have met Caroline and her wonderful team. I can’t say enough wonderful things about them and WHOLEHEARTEDLY recommend them!! I am definitely one satisfied customer and I will keep returning again and again and again!

Mick-Bob-and-Adria-Smith-150x150PAWSitive Strides is the best petting sitting service around. They consistently take excellent care of our pet and our home while we are away. They keep us informed of how our pet is doing via text messages and in day to day pet reports waiting for us when we arrive home. We trust our dear pet in their hands.

Our first experience with PAWSitive Strides was a real pleasure. We were able to communicate needs in advance, both personally and on the website. The result was that things went very smoothly, though they gave us a text each day to confirm that everything was fine, and to ask a question about the cat. Nothing was overlooked, not an easy task with 5 cats! If anything could have been better, it was our omission of the fact that often our spoiled cats wait to be let in to eat, rather than use their cat door. But PAWSitive Strides discovered that very soon, being pro’s. A great week and we’ll be seeing them again.

Belle - Shannon Deveault
Your sitters do an amazing job. This is the third time we have used your services and you go above and beyond. I appreciate the notes that are left after each visit. It makes me feel that you really took the time to check in on and care for our cat, Belle. Even though she is not a friendly cat, you all always manage to leave positive notes. Thanks for your professionalism and excellent service.

Keeni-150x150I can’t thank you enough for both taking care of Keeni AND putting up with my hovering ways! It was the first time I’ve left her in about 4 years, she has started slipping a bit health-wise lately and has a major reputation for being naughty when I leave, so I was nervous, ok, really nervous. The fact that she clearly did wonderfully while I was gone was such a relief and comfort to me during the chaos of the funeral arrangements and service.

I walked in around 1 am and Bean just looked at me like it was a normal day. No screaming. No strategically left messes on the floor. No electrical chords chewed or couch cushions shredded. Most importantly….no cat pee on my pillow! Yay!

She obviously adored Darah and the care she received and I am SO grateful for you both. Please know that your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thank you. Thank you. THANK YOU!

Pups-Vincent-Osmon-Small-300x189Thank you so much for taking care of our four chihuahuas this weekend. Molly did a fantastic job, as usual! The dogs were happy when we came home today, with plenty of water and food. The house was secure and the mail and newspapers were in the house. Everything was perfect. We would not be able to go on vacation without Pawsitive Strides. Thanks Molly and Pawsitive Strides!

DSC00288-Small-WinCE-150x150Caroline and her team at Pawsitive Strides are some of the most special people that I have ever had the privilege of knowing. The level of care that my babies(I have two cats) receive is far above just a job being done. Caroline and her staff truly love and respect animals. Their service is very professional and they attend to even the smallest detail. You and your pets will be so happy with their quality of care.

Dallas-and-MaddyMy family and I want to say “Thank You” so much for taking care of our puppies when we needed you most. With my wife’s cancer and the love from our friends who found you, it was a great fit for then and beyond. I tell Dallas and Madison that their girlfriend’s are coming to watch them and they light up. We are blessed to have found you and know that if we cannot take the puppies with us on trips/soccer tournaments, they are in excellent hands.

They are family and our kids view it the same way. We love the detailed notes and texts you leave and the card you made brought Amy to tears. It truly shows the love you give to them when we are away. My entire family can say nothing but Thanks!!/Hugs!! and would not think twice about recommending PAWSitive Strides as your business is a class act and demonstrates the meaning of love for our animal friends.

Zeus-and-Ares Pryor

These are my boys and they love being taken care of by Pawsitive Strides. They have always taken care of my boys with the same love as I would. I can’t thank them enough for being an extension of our family. Their dedication is always appreciated.

imgTeddyCaroline and Paula have provided my dog with WONDERFUL care. I have had my dog since he was a puppy and he is now over 7 years old. I consider him my child and Teddy, Happy Clienttreat him as such. Before a year ago, he had never been in a kennel or watched by anyone who was not a close friend or relative. I was very anxious to hire anyone and let them come into my house and take care of my baby.

I tried a couple puppy sitters prior to Pawsitive Strides and never used them more than once. It was clear that other puppy sitting services did not care about my dog, this was just a business for them. With Pawsitive Strides, I know my dog is being loved and taken care of as if I were home. I will never hire anyone else. It is easy to schedule appointments, I receive detailed notes and pictures from each visit, and most of all my dog is content when I come home. Sometimes I think he’d rather see Caroline or Paula when I come home after being away. I would highly recommend Pawsitive Strides to anyone who cares for their pets like I do!

Additionally, the care Caroline and Paula provide extends beyond their visits. My dog recently went through a major surgery, after which they contacted me several times to make sure he was okay and progressing well. This is the love for animals you can’t pay someone to have!

I would like to highly recommend PAWSitive Strides as a great provider of pet care services. They have been working with my two shelties for the past year and have been reliable, courteous and protective of my dogs, and respectful of my house. They are also listed on the Keene’s Pointe Homeowner Reviews at the Keene’s Point Community Association Website as a highly regarded service.

McKensieMy dogs, McKensie and Princess are two shelties who always look forward to their walks with Paula during the week, and miss her when she is not here on the weekends.I have also used their overnight service for holidays and found them most respectful of my household and my precious pets. Again, I would recommend PAWSitive Strides without hesitation.

imgMaxDukePaula and Caroline have provided exceptional care for our two great danes, Max & Duke. We rescued them at eight months old as a package, they are now seven. Duke is deaf and completely relies on Max for support and guidance. It has always been initially hard for them to be trusting to any strangers, but in meeting Paula & Caroline it was clear they had made new friends.

It’s apparent that Pawsitive Strides truly strives to give the best care possible for our pets. Case in point; they had their first overnight stay, Max hurt his foot bad enough that Caroline had to bandage it to stop the bleeding. She took such great care of them and upon our return the house was in order and Max and Duke were happy boys! She had even made a folder with their photos and a full progress report. Above and beyond! In closing, I have and will continue in the future to recommend them to anyone who is looking for genuine animal care.

imgNixonHaleyWe started using Pawsitive Strides after having a poor experience with our former petsitter. We were really looking for someone who would take care of our dogs and also respect our home. And we were so lucky that we found both with Caroline! We hate to leave our dogs while we go away and really didn’t want to kennel them – we are so relieved that we know that when we leave, our dogs will have the care, petting and love that they rely on from us when we are home.

We have actually had our plane arrive early and met Caroline at the house and it was clear that both of our dogs adore her – which was so amazing to see as normally we wouldn’t see that. We will use Pawsitive Strides as long as we can and would certainly recommend the service to anyone! Thanks again for taking such great care of our babies!

imgParisI am so happy to have found PAWSitive Strides. Paula is so caring and dependable, it is a big relief to know that my dog, Paris, is in her care. The quality service PAWSitive Strides provides is far and above any other I have used. And they are lovely people on top of it. Every pet is lucky that gets to see Paula every day!!

imgNikkiMonchyPAWSitive Strides took excellent care of my two dogs while I was away. The level of care that my pets received put my mind at ease since I knew that not only did they receive their daily feeding but they also received love and attention! I would recommend PAWSitive Strides hands down.

IMAGE_085PAWSitive Strides took great care of my cats. I was out of the country and it was great to know they were being well cared for by kind and responsible people. Highly recommend the company to pet lovers.

IMG_1449I want to thank you for taking such good care of Sassy. She was so relaxed when I got in last night, a stark contrast to the stressed demeanor she exhibits when I pick her up from a few days at the kennel. The photos you took are darling, and getting a brief note from you daily just to say she was well really made a big difference to me. I did not worry about her in the least, and usually I do when she has to go to the kennel. Thank you again.

7-4-09Just sending this message to let you know how pleased we were with PAWSitive Strides. Paula did a wonderful job with my little darling Kara and made me feel like I was leaving Kara in loving hands. With Kara just being 8 months old and on her first camping trip I would not have felt comfortable putting her in a kennel when we visited the parks. Thank You.

DSCF14981Caroline, I would just like to thank you again for the first class service that was so personal and comforting to Ceilidh. We came to Orlando knowing that our little pup needed looked after if we people folks were going to be able to have a good time with Mickey, Shamu and co. I think you can tell that we treat our little bundle of joy as if she was our only child (errm… maybe that’s because she is!), so there is no way our vacation could be enjoyed unless we had peace of mind that she was being cared for.

From the day of the first meeting, it was such a pleasure to meet yourself and Brian and to see how caring you were towards Ceilidh. Your continuous concern over pricing for your service was very touching and showed that you were more concerned about delivering a service than just doing a job. That to me was fantastic.

I would highly recommend you to anybody who is visiting the Orlando area with a pet. You made our vacation one to remember and Ceilidh had a ball. The fact that you made your schedule meet ours (which was just off the cuff!) was first class customer service… especially as we are only visitors and were only providing you temporary work. We were simply over the moon with your care and services and would love for others to know.

Thank you again and lots of licks and kisses from Ceilidh.

IMG_01661I want to Thank you both for the excellent care and attention you gave “my girls” Angel & Lil’ Sister during my trip. I knew from our meetings that you both were dedicated to the well being of animals. I totally enjoyed my vacation because I knew the girls were in expert and loving hands. Angel, as you know, is tempermental and set in her ways and often suffered when I was away – her strangeness hides her really tender nature. And Sister, being an adopted little girl, seeks approval from everyone, needs reassuring regularly.

What a delightful return – to find “the girls” relaxed, happy and contented. Again, Thank You Both for your wonderful service. I look forward to using PAWSitive Strides in the future when the need arises.


Thank you so much again for your services! You really do live up to your slogan, I wish I had found you sooner, the difference in service is night and day. Have a wonderful new year and we will be calling you again as well as highly recommending your services.


When we use Pawsitive Strides as our pet sitting service we are able to enjoy our vacations without any concern for our pets. Pawsitive Strides takes such good care of our pets that I believe the pets really miss their visits upon our return. Our dog, Goldie, actually sat at the front window watching for Pawsitive Strides’ arrival the day following our return. Pawsitive Strides must spoil her more than we do. It is a pleasure to know that our pets’ needs are met with such professionalism and care. I would recommend Pawsitive Strides Skidderto any animal owner looking for the best care for their pets!