How Can Hiring a Pet Sitter in Orlando Make My Home More Secure?

There are many advantages to hiring a pet sitter when you have to travel. One of the advantages is that it can help keep your home more secure. So you may be wondering, how can hiring a pet sitting in Windermere make my home more secure? Let’s consider some of the ways.

Ways a Pet Sitter in Orlando Makes Your Home More Secure

Your Home Looks Occupied

Having someone visit your home frequent times while you are away helps to make your home look occupied. While your pet sitter is there, he or she will park in your driveway, turn lights on and off as needed and so on. All of this helps to make your home look occupied, which, in turn, helps to make your home more secure.

Sitters Pick Up Mail, Newspaper, and Packages

A dead giveaway that someone is not home is a build-up of packages at the front door and newspapers on the driveway. Even when you don’t subscribe to a paper, often people drop off advertisement papers in your driveway. These, if not picked up, can alert someone to the fact that you are away. Having your sitter pick up your mail each day is also a good way to keep your personal information secure. You don’t want it to sit out in your mailbox overnight.

Trash Put Out and Picked Up

Your trash can is put out on trash day (as needed) and brought back up after the trash has been collected. This ensures that your trash bins don’t sit out in your driveway for days on end, alerting others that no one is home. An added bonus is that, in some neighborhoods, there are fines for bins left out overnight. You can avoid these fines by having your sitter pick up the trash bins as needed.

Varied Visit Times

We work with time windows (read why here). This means that your home is not visited at the exact same time each day. The varied time windows make your home look occupied. In addition, most clients schedule two to four visits per day. This means that there is someone coming and going from their home several times a day which is a huge crime deterrent. Clients who only need us once per day can also opt to vary their time window requests so that we are coming at different blocks each day (ex: morning one day, midday the next, etc)

What are some ways your pet sitter keeps your home safe?





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