How Do I Know I Can Trust Your Sitters?

A fair question to ask of any pet sitting service is, How do I know I can trust your sitters?

When selecting a pet sitting or dog walking company, it is vital to feel comfortable and confident in that company’s hiring process. After all, those sitters will be the ones interacting with your pet each time you go out of town on vacation.

Why We Have a Team of Pet Sitters in Windermere and Orlando Working for You

At PAWSitive Strides, we are a team of pet sitters. If you depend on just one person to pet sit for you when you are out of town, the chances are that, sometimes, you will be left having to make other arrangments. It is unrealistic to expect that one person will be available 24/7/365. That is just not feasible. Things come up, and people have emergencies.

So, at PAWSitive Strides, we provide a team of sitters for your peace of mind. We are typically able to cover emergencies and last-minute visits because we are a team of sitters.

Pet Sitting Check List

How We Hire Our Team of Pet Sitters in Windermere and Orlando

How do we go about hiring our team of sitters? We do all of the research and legwork for you, so you don’t have to. Once again, if you depend on just one person, you will often have to interview someone else when that person has an emergency. The process can be daunting but, at PAWSitive Strides, we take care of the process for you.

Interview Process

First off, we have a rigorous interview process. It begins with a screening interview and survey with our office manager. Those who pass the screening will attend a second interview with me. And, those who make it past the second interview will get a final interview with both business partners.

During this interview process, we look not only for people who love pets (a must!). We also check for qualities like dependability, integrity, honesty, and a positive attitude (after all, we are PAWSitive Strides!).

Having people go through such an extensive interview process also helps to weed out those who do not have a strong work ethic.

Background and Reference Check

The few who make it through the full interview process go through a thorough background check, and we will also check their references. As a pet parent, you may not have thought of doing a background check on a potential sitter, but we do it on all of our sitters. This is a vital portion of the hiring process and not one to be skipped!

Orientation and Training

Once a pet sitter comes on board, we have an orientation session (followed by a quiz) that goes over all of our policies and procedures. Sitters also agree to adhere to the PAWSitive Strides Code of Ethics.

After completing the orientation and passing the quiz, we train the sitter at different visits. The sitter will shadow another sitter and learn how to do things and how to follow proper protocol at each visit.

Client Feedback and Quality Control

Once we feel the sitter is ready to do visits on his/her own, we still make sure we follow up with clients using surveys sent out every time a client checks in from a vacation. We rely on customer feedback to ensure that our sitters are doing good work.

We also do quality control visits periodically. These are unannounced drive-bys to check on sitters while the job is in progress, or unannounced visits done once the sitter has completed a job. We go in and check to ensure that the sitter completed everything according to our standards. Sitters don’t know when these visits occur, so we can check on the work they are doing.

Doing the Work for Your Peace of Mind

Why do we do all of this work? For your peace of mind and ours. It is important to be able to trust the people coming into your home. If you choose to hire a pet sitter on your own, be sure to follow the procedure outlined above for the best results. Having a rigorous hiring process is vital to finding the right pet sitter for you.

Interested in hiring PAWSitive Strides for your pet sitting or dog walking needs? Contact us today!




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