Why Choose PAWSitive Strides When You Need Dog Walking and Pet Sitting in Orlando and Windermere

There are many choices out there when it comes to providing care for your pet. So, why should you choose PAWSitive Strides when you need dog walking and pet sitting in Orlando and Windermere?

Factors to Take Into Account When Choosing Your Pet Sitter or Dog Walker


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a person or company to take care of your precious pet is reliability. You need to know that the people who are going to be responsible for your pet while you are away are actually going to do their job.

At PAWSitive Strides, we often get calls from people who are desperately looking for service at the last minute. Their friend, the teenager next door, or even their pet sitting company, bailed on them at the last minute. We got such a call just this week. We were able to accommodate the client and are currently taking care of her sweet dog while she is visiting family in another state.

When you schedule visits and need to be away, you have to be confident that those you have left in charge of your precious pet will follow through. What happens if you have already left for your vacation and the person who was supposed to look after your pet suddenly cannot?

Three Components of Our Service That Make Us Reliable

At PAWSitive Strides, our goal is to provide our clients with reliable, dependable, and stress-free service. We are able to this in many ways:

  • Online System

Our customers use our online system to schedule visits. We do not accept reservations by email, phone call, or text message so that nothing is missed. All of the visits are scheduled by our clients directly in our online system.

Also, clients receive an email confirmation of the visits they have scheduled so that the can look everything over and make sure it is correct.

The online system also serves the purpose of ensuring that no visit gets missed. If a sitter has not checked into the visit during the requested time window, our office manager receives an alert from our online system. The office manager will then immediately contact the sitter. If unable to contact the sitter, the office manager will send out another sitter to the visit, so the pet is not left without a visit.

  • A Team of Sitters

Having a team of sitters allows us to provide our clients with consistent and reliable service, even when there are emergencies. Our clients do not depend on just one person, but rather, they have a team of people at their service. This means that, if a sitter has an emergency, our clients are not left without someone to watch their pet. Instead, someone else from the team will cover the visits. Thus, our clients do not have to make panicked, last-minute phone calls to friends, family, neighbors, and others to try to find coverage because the sitter they were counting on got sick, had a change of plans, or something else.

  • An Office Team

We have sitters working out in the field to take care of our clients’ pets. In addition, we have an office team monitoring all visits for completion, processing client’s schedule request, monitoring the phones after-hours for any emergencies, and answering client’s questions. This allows our clients to be able to leave town with a sense of security. Our clients are confident that they have a team of people invested in the well-being of their precious pet while they are away from home.


Another crucial factor when deciding on pet care options is trust. Trust is important not only for those coming into your home but even if using a pet boarding facility. You need to be confident that the people looking out for your pet really will do the best job possible. In addition, you need to feel that they have the best interests of your pet at heart.

If your pet care provider is coming into your home, you have to trust this person will treat your home and your pet with care and respect.

At PAWSitive Strides, our sitters a selected after a very careful and rigorous interview process. We have our candidates go through quite a few “hoops” before their first screening interview. Also, we do a total of three interviews before deciding whether or not to hire a candidate.

Once we have decided on a candidate, they must submit to a background check, and we likewise check their references. After that, the candidates go through orientation and a training process to ensure that they will do the best job possible in caring for our clients’ precious pets.

Also, anyone working for PAWSitive Strides is an employee rather than an independent contractor. This means that our sitters follow our standard of pet care, not their own. They are trained and coached as needed. Also, should one of our pet sitters get hurt in your home, we provide worker’s compensation insurance, giving you an added level of protection.

Often, pet parents trust that the person or company they are using to care for their pets is insured and bonded. Unfortunately, most pet parents do not have the time to do all of the necessary research. Many fail to realize that, if someone gets hurt in their home, the cost to them can end up being astronomical. Read more about this here.


Life is hectic, and people do not have time to wait for regular office hours.

At PAWSitive Strides we have an online system that is available to our clients 24 hours per day. This means that they can schedule their visits when it is most convenient to them.


Depending on someone else’s calendar of availability in order to be able to travel or work long hours is difficult. It is much easier if you choose a pet care provider that is available to you 365 days per year. One person alone cannot do this. It is not feasible or even realistic to expect one person to be available to care for pets 365 days per year. People get sick, have emergencies, need time off.

At PAWSitive Strides, as mentioned before, our clients have a team of sitters working for them. This means that they can schedule as needed, even at the last minute, and we typically have a sitter available to them.

Having a team of sitters at their service allows our clients to cope with the emergencies that happen in their daily life without having to stress about the care of their pet.

Wondering if PAWSitive Strides is the right company for your pet sitting or dog walking needs in Dr. Phillips, Metrowest, Windermere, or Winter Garden? Contact us today, and one of our office managers will be happy to answer any questions you may have.



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