Why We Do Not Do Every Other Day Cat Visits

Many times clients want to have visits for their cats, but they wish only to have us do every other day cat sitting visits or even to visit their cat every three days. When we first started out in business, we would do visits for cats whenever clients requested them and had no minimum requirements. However, experience has taught us differently that there is a need for a minimum of one daily visit. Therefore, for the cat’s safety and well-being, PAWSitive Strides does not do every other day cat visits.

Why We Don’t Do Every Other Day Cat Visits

We have a client who uses us whenever she goes out of town to take care of her sweet kitty, Lucky. When she first started using our services, on our very first set of visits with Lucky, we ran into a problem. Lucky’s owner left two ribbons out for her to play with and, unfortunately, Lucky ended up eating one of them. Fortunately, this client has us visit her cat twice per day. We were able to see right away that Lucky was not well. She was taken to the vet immediately and had emergency surgery.

The vet said that it is common for cats to swallow things they are not supposed to, more common than people think. Especially with string, when a cat starts to eat it, because of the design of the tongue, it cannot spit it back out. The cat will swallow the entire string and be unable to stop.

A big factor in determining whether a cat will survive gastrointestinal blockage from a foreign object is how long the object has been causing the obstruction. In Lucky’s case, she lived up to her name and, because her owner had visits twice per day, she got the help she needed right away. Imagine, though, if she had only had one visit every two or three days. She may not have survived the ordeal.

From this, we learned to always do a minimum of one visit per day. In this manner, we can catch any health problems or other issues early. We also learned that you should never leave string out for a cat to play with unsupervised. It is best to put all toys away once done playing with your cat.

Why You Need A Cat Sitter Every Day

  • Cat may dump the water bowl and run out of water
  • Cat may get himself locked into a room (we have had a couple of clients tell us this happens to their cats sometimes)
  • Is food on an auto-feeder? What if it malfunctions?
  • AC or other home malfunction
  • Cat may refuse to use to dirty litter and choose to start soiling elsewhere in the home

Therefore, even though having every other day cat visits (or a visit every three days) may sound like a good idea to save money, it could end up costing a lot more in the long run, if something goes wrong.

At PAWSitive Strides, our goal is to provide our clients with peace of mind while they are away. We also wish to take care of our furry clients as if they were our babies. Taking both of those things into account, we make sure that we visit our feline clients at least once per day. This ensures their safety and well-being, which, in turn, provides our customers with peace of mind. Moreover, we can rest easier each night knowing that all of the pets under our care are doing well.

Have questions about using a cat sitter? We would love to hear from you! Contact us today!



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