Pet Friendly Apartments in Orlando

How Pet Friendly is Your Future Apartment? Read this article to find out how to choose the best pet friendly apartments in Orlando for you and your pet.

Pet ownership has become increasingly popular over the last decade, and our social media feeds are filled with photos of our friends’ furry family members. Apartments in Orlando certainly understand this trend, and over the last 10 years many apartment communities have added pet friendly policies and amenities that are specifically catered to pet owners. Would you believe me if I told you that some apartments are actually more pet friendly than others? If you’re wondering just how pet friendly your future apartment home will be, try asking these 4 questions before you sign your lease:

  1. Are there any size or breed restrictions?

    If you currently have a large (60+ lbs.) dog or plan to adopt while renting, you’ll want to ask if there are any restrictions on the size or type of pet in your apartment. These restrictions can widely vary from apartment to apartment, so the best way to make sure you are in the clear is to just ask! There are apartments out there with no size or breed restrictions, so rest easy – your pet will be accepted somewhere, you just have to find the right apartment.

    Size restrictions are traditionally set by weight, and the apartment community will ask for a copy of your pet’s most recent veterinary records to file with your apartment lease. They will be checking this paperwork to be sure that your animal’s shots are up to date verify that the pet fits within the size or breed restrictions. It is important to note that these restrictions are not the opinion of the apartment staff, they are often put in place by the apartment community’s insurance policy and are non-negotiable.

  2. Are there any pet fees or a monthly pet rent?

    First up, let’s chat about the difference between pet fees and deposits. A fee is a one-time payment that will not be returned at the end of your lease. A pet deposit will typically be held in an escrow account for the duration of your lease, and will be refunded upon confirmation that there is no damage to the apartment caused by your pet (think: stained carpet or chewed door frames).

Pet rent is very common, and is a monthly addition to your apartment rent. Pet rent can range, but should be $25 to $50 per month, per pet. When you budget for your future apartment be sure to include a line item for pet rent, and call around to see who has the best deal once you take the pet rent into account.

  1. How many pets can I have in my apartment?

    Did you know that apartments limit the number of pets you can house inside of your apartment? “Pets,” can be dogs, cats, birds, and even reptiles. If you have 2 or more animals, we suggest asking this question first to be sure that you are not over the limit. The pet limit applies for the entire duration of your lease, not just on move-in day! Please keep this in mind if you are already a pet owner and plan to adopt an additional animal while you are living in your future apartment.

  2. What pet friendly amenities are available?

Apartments in Orlando are offering some really cool pet friendly amenities, especially at the brand new communities that have been built over the last 5 years. Our favorite pet friendly amenity is a dog park, a fenced-in area where you can let Fido off the leash to meet the neighbor’s dog and run free. Some apartments even offer pet washing stations near the dog park where you can give your pet a bath after playing at the park.

Orlando Apartment Dog Park

You’ll also want to check to be sure that the apartment community offers pet cleanup stations at frequent locations along the walking paths. Make sure the cleanup stations appear to be well stocked with doggie bags and that the receptacles look like they are well-maintained and emptied often. Some apartments even offer doggie DNA services that keep a record of each dog’s DNA, so that they can play Sherlock and identify owners who do not clean up after their pets. This service is highly beneficial, because you can rest easy knowing that as you walk around your future community you won’t have to worry about stepping in… pet waste!


This is a guest blog post from Sydney, a Local Apartment Expert and Dog-Mom at 407apartments, a local Orlando apartment guide that helps connect renters with apartments that meet their lifestyle and budget. If you’re looking to start your apartment search right away, check out this page for pet friendly apartments in Orlando.




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