Who Are Our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in Orlando and Windermere?

Who are the PAWSitive Strides pet sitters and dog walkers in Orlando and Windermere?

At PAWSitive Strides, we use a team of pet sitters to better serve our clients. It is only natural to wonder who are our pet sitters and dog walkers in Orlando and Windermere areas and how we go about selecting the perfect sitters for our clients.

Why a Team of Sitters Is Important

First, let us take a look at a few of the reasons that hiring a company with a team of sitters to work for you is important.

  • Emergencies happen

As much as we would like to control everything that could possibly go wrong in our lives, emergencies sometimes happen. This goes both ways: emergencies can happen to the client, and emergencies can happen to the sitters taking care of their pets. Either way, having a team of sitters can make dealing with emergencies a much easier and smoother process.

For instance, when emergencies happen to our clients, we are typically better equipped to take on last-minute visits since we have a team of sitters available to each of our clients.

When emergencies happen to the sitters, we can continue service for our clients without any interruption. This would not happen if our clients were depending on just one person.

  • Burnout

While pet sitting is a wonderful and fulfilling job, it is hard work and everyone needs a break. Our sitters are refreshed for their visits with client’s pets each week because they have time off during the week and because they work in shifts. This allows them to devote close attention to each pet they care for since they have been able to recharge their batteries during their time off.

How We Choose Our Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers in the Orlando and Windermere Areas

For the safety of our clients, we at PAWSitive Strides, hire very, very carefully.

We do a rigorous and thorough interview process and do not hire someone just because they like animals. We look for things such as, are they dependable, punctual, and personable? Have they shown themselves prompt and thorough during the interview process? Are they positive and engaging?

In addition, we do a thorough background check and also a reference check. Many people think that you can trust your instinct and skip the background check process when hiring someone but this is just not the case. The background check is a crucial part of the hiring process.

The PAWSitive Strides Screening Process:

  1. Initial screening interview and survey
  2. 2nd face-to-face interview
  3. Final face-to-face interview with both partners
  4. Full criminal background check
  5. Contacting of all professional references
  6. Sitter orientation and testing
  7. 90-day trial period coupled with ongoing evaluations to ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied and that the sitter is living up to the PAWSitive Strides standards of care and code of ethics
  8. Unannounced quality control visits
  9. Some time after completion of trial period, sitters are trained in Pet CPR and First aid

Curious about our sitters?

Want to see the faces behind the PAWSitive Strides name? Meet our sitters here: www.pawsitive-strides.com/meet-the-team



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