Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Consultation


When you first decide to use a pet sitter, there are many things that you must take into consideration to make sure that you are choosing the right company for you and for your pet. One of the best ways to get to know the company you are thinking of choosing is to do your research. Does the company have a website? What information does it offer on its website? Have you searched for the company’s online reviews? What do those tell you about the company?

Once you have decided on a company, you will typically set up an initial consultation with them. What is involved in an initial consultation?

A PAWSitive Strides Initial Consultation

So, what happens at the initial consultation with PAWSitive Strides?

  1. You will typically get to meet the owner of PAWSitive Strides. The owner always tries, as much as her schedule allows, to meet with every potential client. She will come approximately 15 minutes before the sitters to go over some important information about the company, such as:
    1. Who is PAWSitive Strides and how did we start
    2. Our many awards
    3. Our insurance
    4. Our employees
    5. Paperwork
    6. Lockbox information
    7. How to schedule appointments with us
    8. Payment information
    9. What we need from you to get you started with our services
  2. After the initial meeting with the owner, the sitters will arrive and we will discuss the routines for your pet(s) and how we can best ensure that we are properly meeting your needs. Some of the things we will talk about are
    1. Feeding – how much and how often? Do all pets eats in the same area or should they be separated? Do they need coaxing to eat all of their food?
    2. Is water from the tap or filtered?
    3. Does your pet get treats? How many and how often?
    4. Is any pet on medication? If so, how much does he get and how often?
    5. Location of leash and poop bags
    6. Location of litter box, scoop, bags, and broom or vacuum to clean up area around litter box
    7. Where to dispose of pet waste
    8. Mail and newspaper pick-up
    9. Preferred method of communication for receipt of our virtual notes
    10. Any other particulars so that we can make the visits the best for your pet
  3. We always check with you to see if you have any questions, concerns, or anything else that we need to know to ensure that we do the best job possible for you and for your fur baby.

Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Consultation

We typically send one or two sitters on each consultation, depending on how much notice we have and how busy the schedule is that day or that week. The consultations are just one of the ways in which you can meet our sitters. You can also “meet” the sitters on our Meet the Team page. On that page, we have written biographies and video biographies of each of the sitters on our team so that you can become better acquainted with all our sitters.

We are a team of sitters, so we do use more than one sitter per client. This is something very helpful to our clients because they are not depending on just one sitter to take care of their fur baby. Should a sitter on the team have an emergency, our clients are always covered because we can send someone else to cover the visit. The pet’s routine is not altered and all is well.

In addition, just like in any other job, our sitters have days off and work in shifts. So, depending on which days and times windows you have requested for your visits, we have different sitters available. Since we use employees and train each employee to our standards of service, you get the same quality of service no matter which sitter comes to take care of your pet.

Interested in setting up an initial consultation to get to know us in person? Please contact us today! We will be happy to talk to you about our different options for caring for your fur baby.



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