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As dog walkers, we deal with poop on a daily basis. Actually, forget daily, we deal with it on an hourly basis. Or even every 20 to 30 minutes. While walking dogs is tons of fun, handling their poop bags… not so much. I remember walking a couple of large dogs, having hands full with leashes and poop bags and thinking, there has to be a better way. Heaven forbid they poop more than once and I am left holding 3 or 4 bags in addition to the dogs and their leashes. So, I did a little research and found a product that I absolutely love: the Turdlebag! Here is my review of Turdlebag.

What is the Turdlebag

What is the Turdlebag?

The Turdlebag is a combination of poop bag dispenser and a convenient dog poop bag container. It allows you to carry multiple poop-filled bags so that your hands can be used for a more noble purpose, such as holding the leash or swinging freely at your side.

How does it work the Turdlebag

How does it work?

The Turdlebag attaches easily to your dog’s leash, harness, a backpack, a bag, etc. I actually attach mine to the fanny pack I use while working. You can roll it shut while it is empty and when you have added poop bags to it. This keeps the odor level down while you are walking those poops around.

Find out more about how it works here. 

Pros of the Turdlebag

Strong and Sturdy

I love everything about the Turdlebag. I have been using my Turdlebag for a year and a half now and it gets a lot of use almost every day. It is strong and sturdy. It is big enough to hold quite a few poop-filled bags, but, at the same time, does not get in my way.

It Also Holds Poop Bag Rolls

The Turdlebag also holds two rolls of poop bags and has a handy dispenser through which to feed the bags.

It is Machine-Washable

The Turdlebag can also be put in the washing machine (just be sure to air dry it!) to keep it clean and fresh.

machine washable the Turdlebag
Additional Small Pocket

The new version of the Turdlebag also has a small pocket where you can put money, ID, or keys. Since I use a fanny pack, I don’t use that small pocket. The pocket is not large enough for a cell phone and can’t hold too much.

Cons of the Turdlebag

The only con that I can think of for the Turdlebag is that you can sometimes still smell a bit of the poop. However, when I keep it closed, I do not typically smell the poop. It is not 100% odor free, but then again, it would be much worse if you were carrying the bag in your hand. Besides, if you are carrying poop, it kind of comes with the territory.

The Turdlebag is currently 80% odor free and they are working on making it 100% odor free.

Who Should Use the Turdlebag?

If you have a dog (or especially if you have more than one dog), and you take your dog for long walks, you will love the Turdlebag! It allows you to keep your hands free for more important things. I highly recommend it!

Have you used the Turdlebag before? What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below.



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