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Pet Sitting

pet sitting in orlando

Pet Sitting in Orlando, Dr. Phillips, Windermere, Winter Garden, and Ocoee

We have different pet sitting visits, as follows:

Pet Sitting 10-15 minutes 

This type of visit is good for a quick potty break in the backyard and a fresh water change. It is also an ideal amount of time for a cat visit, if the cat is shy and does not want to play. It allows time for feeding, litter box cleaning, and water change. This service starts at $21 per visit.

Pet Sitting 25-30 minutes

This type of visit is usually a very good fit for most clients. Whether you have dogs or cats, this visit allows for several things to be done. If you have dogs, they can get a short walk, feeding, some play time and cuddles, as well as fresh water change. With cats, they can get their litter scooped, water changed, feeding and treats given, and it allows for some play time and cuddles as well. This is a great visit for kitties who want to interact with their pet sitter. This visit starts at $23.00. 

Pet Sitting 40-45 minutes

This longer visit allows for a nice long walk for dogs in addition to all of the things done in the 25-30 minute visit. This is a great visit if the dog(s) are high-energy and need a bit of a longer walk while their owners are out of town. It is also a great visit for people who want extra playtime for their dogs or cats. It allows for a lot of time for interaction, play, and love and attention. For cats who are very social, this visit is ideal. This visit starts at $28. 

Pet Sitting 1 hour

As in the the 40-45-minute visit, this pet sitting visit allows ample time for nice long walks, cuddles, and lots of play time. This visit starts at $35.

Overnight Pet Sitting Visits

Overnight pet sitting visits are ideal for a pet who does not like to be left alone. In addition, they are a great option for a dog who is still a puppy or is an older dog and has a hard time holding it the entire night. Our overnights begin at 9:15 PM and end at 6:15 AM. When the sitter arrives at the overnight, he/she will feed the pets as needed and walk any dogs or take them out in the backyard, depending on client instructions. The same thing in the morning before leaving; the sitter will take dogs for a walk or take them out in the backyard and there will also be a feeding, depending on the instructions of the client.

If a dog does not have access to the outdoors, it is important to add a midday visit as well so the dog can have a bathroom break. See the above list of visits for different options.

Our overnights start at $75.

Which Type of Visit Should You Choose for Your Pet?

Which visit should you choose for your pet? There are several things to consider when choosing the amount of time that you will need for your pet sitting visits when you are out of town. Keep in mind also that you can mix and match visits. For instance, you can do a 1-hour visit in the morning for a nice long walk when it is not hot and then do a 10-15 minute visit for just a quick backyard potty break during the midday when it is a bit hotter in the day. If you want extra attention and playtime in the evening, you can schedule a 40-45 minute visit or even another hour-long visit. Completely up to you and your pet’s needs! This article considers several factors to take into account when choosing how many visits you will need for your pet.

Dog Walking

dog walking dr. phillips

Dog Walking in Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Winter Garden, and Ocoee

Dog walking visits are more straightforward as they usually include just walking and fresh water change. However, if the client desires, the dog(s) can be fed during a dog walking visit as well.

We have the following dog walking visits:

Dog Walking 25-30 minutes – this visit starts at $23

Dog Walking 40-45 minutes – this visit starts at $28

Dog Walking 1 hours – this visit starts at $35

Dogs can be walked during pet sitting visits and fed during dog walking visits. It is completely up to the client and his/her instructions. 

Pet Taxi

Pet Taxi Windermere

Pet Taxi in Windermere, Dr. Phillips, Winter Garden, and Ocoee

Pet taxi is an ideal visit to pick up and drop off a dog or cat at a vet appointment, grooming appointment, boarding facility, doggie daycare, and so on. Pet taxi visits vary depending on the distance of the pick-up or drop-off and whether time will be spent waiting for the pet (such as at a grooming appointment) or whether it is a straight drop-off or pick-up. Pet taxi visits start at $35.

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