PAWSitive Strides offers a multitude of services for a variety of pets.

We can also handle various home services which, by making it appear that your house is occupied, can be a crime deterrent. Since Orlando is a tourist destination and many people like to bring along their furry babies, we do offer visits to hotels within our service area. Simply select the visit that best suits your needs while you are enjoying a day of site-seeing, shopping or visiting the parks.

Dog Walking


We provide exercise needed to help your dog(s) pass the time while you are away from home.

This service is ideal if you work long hours or have a dog that needs some extra exercise during the day. Dogs tend to behave better and be less stressed when they are exercised at least 30 minutes per day.

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Pet Sitting Visits


These visits are ideal if you are going out of town and need someone to come and love on your pets while you are away.

Pets are creatures of habit and they enjoy staying in their home environment, so these visits allow for breaks in their day while maintaining the consistency of their routines.

If your dog is used to having a midday walk, we will include this in our visit. If your kitty loves to be brushed and cuddled, we will add this to our visit as well. We customize our visits to fit your needs and those of your pets.For the safety of your beloved pets, we require cat visits to be done at least once per day and dog visits a minimum of two times per day.

Overnight Visits


A great choice for the pet that is used to sleeping in bed with you or who has separation anxiety.

Our visits allow for a lot of TLC and attention for your furry kid. It can be an ideal option for a puppy who still needs a break in the middle of the night.

Let Pawsitive Strides Give your baby a great sleepover party while you are on vacation!

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Pet Taxi


This service is offered to existing clients only. We are able to take your pet to the vet, grooming appointment, daycare, or elsewhere as needed.

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Dog Walking/Pet Sitting by the Hour


If you want your pet to have extra TLC time or you can’t leave your pet alone for extended periods of time, we can provide you with pet sitting by the hour.

This service is ideal for those who come to Orlando on vacation and cannot leave their pets unattended in their hotel room, or for those who simply want to give their pets some extra pampering!

If your dog needs to drain all of that extra energy, dog walking by the hour will allow you to determine just how long of a walk we will give your dog.

We have doggie clients that love their hour and a half walks! They get home very happy and relaxed!

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Additional Charges

Please note that additional charges may apply in some situations. Holiday rates apply to the 4-day weekend of Thanksgiving, the week of Christmas, and the week of New Year’s.

General Situations:

  • Additional pets may incur an additional charge
  • Some medication administration may incur an additional charge
  • Visits between 6-7AM or between 8-10PM
  • Visits during the above holiday time periods


Our initial consultation is typically free of charge. However, if you are a new client and need our services to start the same day or the following day, there will be a charge for the initial consultation. It is to be paid in cash in order to guarantee services.

Please note that only our INITIAL consultation is free. Any other times a client needs to meet with a sitter to introduce new pets, new routines, or because the client wishes to meet a new sitter, there is a fee for each additional consultation requested.

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